Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Scary Smart!

Little T is scary smart! She's not talking yet but she is so smart. This afternoon I was on the phone and my cell phone rings. She ran up to the kitchen, grabbed my phone out of my purse, opened it and started babbling away. Good thing it was my son on the other end. This evening L asked her to go get him a mountain dew. She took my hand and brought me to the kitchen then signed for me to open the fridge door. Once it was open she pointed to the dew box. I grabbed a diet coke and she said no and pointed again to the dew box. I took one out and she ran with it back into the bedroom to give to L. I just don't know what we are going to do once she starts talking! :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Swing Set

We bought Little T a swing set this past weekend - boy people, they are expensive!!  We got one that has a little trampoline (she loves to jump), 2 swings, a slide, and a glider.  I wanted one of those real nice wooden ones but 500 bucks?  Not gonna happen!! 

Little T helped us put it together and she really enjoyed it.  The weather here for the past few days has been in the 80's but it is supposed to get back to the 40's this weekend.  We are enjoying it while we can!  She loves to be outside, picking up leaves, throwing them, putting leaves on her slide so they can slide down with her, putting them on her swings.  She has even brought her baby out to swing and slide!  We put her on the glider and pushed it and she giggled away.  When it slowed down we told her to push with her feet and she did!!  You would have thought she was eating chocolate with her laughing once she realized she could control the speed herself!  Then we put her on the swing...hmmm..she wasn't so sure about that.  I realized that the other swings she has been on has a front and back to it while hers is just a seat.  So I carefully put her on and began to give her some little pushes.  After a minute of "NONONO" she started to smile and then laugh.  Of course, as soon as she started to laugh she leaned forward and fell right off onto her belly!  I cracked up, the look of surprise on her face was just priceless.  She didn't cry at all, just got up, wiped herself off, yelled at the swing, and went about her business.  That's my girl!


Ok Daddy, I'll hold this part while you tighten that bolt!


Oh jeez Daddy, you can't tighten it?  Here, let me do it! 


Now I gotta open this box of springs.  What?  You don't like me mooning you with my diaper? 


Hey Daddy!!  I put some springs here and I'm going to test them out for ya! 


Hmmm....Momma.....I'm not too sure about this!  Are you sure it's safe?


Momma!!  You were right!  This is fun!



This is just a sweet picture I took of Little T.  It's in our living room and I used natural lighting.



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