Friday, October 24, 2008

Video of Baby H!!

T sent us a video of Baby H!  I miss him so much but its great to talk to him on a pretty regular basis and not just when he needs money!! :D

Baby H is beautiful and we can't wait to see them next month for Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the video!  It was taken on his phone so the quality isn't the best but it is still cute!!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

No Tears?

Ok, so I wanted to put this out there while I was on break at work. Yesterday I had Little T's urine checked (no pee for 5 1/2 hrs??!!) and some blood work done. The pee issue was a concern because she wouldn't pee from 9:30 until she woke up from her nap (dry) at 3:00! When she did I ran it back up to the doctors and her urine check out fine.

We also had her blood drawn for some additonal tests. The doctor called poison control when I told him why we wanted a test done on her pee and they advised him to get a few blood tests done too. Anyway, we went over to the hospital and when the nurse saw who she had to draw blood from she called for backup. Little T sat on my lap while one nurse held her arm and the other nurse probbed for a vein. You'd think that a 2 yr old would cry - no, not Little T! When they stuck the needle in she just looked at it then up at the nurse. No tears, no screams, no nothing! Of course the nurses said what a good girl she was - but I just saw her shut down. Now that I think about it she shut down when the other nurse put a bag on her to catch her pee.

What do you guys think? Should we have her evaluated for some sensory issues? Big T said it really bothered him that she didn't even cry but feels I am being silly about the sensory stuff. But tears when they stick a needle in her little arm?? That doesn't seem right!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Camping at Lake Gaston

Yep, we braved the weather and went camping this past weekend.  Big T and L went up Thursday night and Little T and I followed first thing Friday morning.  It was cold and misty for most of the day Friday.  By nightfall the rain started.  We were already in the camper so it didn't bother us one bit but boy was it cold!!  brrrrrr...... Saturday morning we woke up to a wet campground, gray skies and lots of wind.  It didn't rain again though so we enjoyed the campfire, played ping pong, ate some marshmallows, and explored.  Little T had a great time and didn't seem to mind the wind and cold at all.  When Sunday rolled around it was still cold and windy but the sky was blue!!  Of course, that is the day we had to pack up and drive back home. 

I've got a bunch of pictures for you to enjoy!

Here's  Big T all bundled up by the campfire - do you think he was cold??


L looking at the fire


Some of the color we enjoyed.  We are not at peak season yet so we were happy to see just a touch of fall color!


Little T with her big brother messing around


Campground decorations


Little T sitting on a "spider"


Just Little T






Little T and Big T playing ping pong


Looking out our camper - we were able to camp right next to the lake!


KaCee enjoyed camping too - but she was sad because we wouldn't let her swim!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sneak Preview

So, here's the sneak preview of Little T's costume! 


She looks just adorable in it! 

L is finished with fall ball and starting wrestling.  He didn't really want to wrestle this year but we asked him to give it another year and see what happens.  I think that because he lost so much last year that he doesn't want to get beat again this year. 

Little T is getting into everything now and is climbing up on everything!!  Good gracious - she gets up on the back of the couch and jumps, gets up on the coffee table and spins, stood up in her high chair (eeek!) and even put her leg up on the railing of her crib but put it back down when I caught her!  She'll be out of that crib sooner than not. 

We sent in our money to our homestudy agency (no Jonnie - don't get excited - we are not adopting again!) for our re-adoption.  I emailed them on Monday to see if they received it and they had but today's Wednesday and we haven't heard from the social worker yet.  Grrr......this is the same problem we had with them before.  It's not the agency but the social worker. 

This weekend we are going camping!  I can't wait.  Little T loves it outside so she'll have a great time.  Big T and L are driving up Thursday night and I'll follow with Little T on Friday.  Three wonderful days up at Lake Gaston.  The weather has been in the high 80's here but we will have a serious cool down tomorrow so the weather will be just right!!  I'll take plenty of pictures!


Here are a few that I took this past week.  m1

Above is a picture of a sweet little 2 year old.  She and Little T played, well, she led Little T around!  She is a beautiful little girl.



Here's Teddy watching the cell phone for us!


Little T with her lollipop.


Little T and Big T at the ball game.


Mom!  Are you taking another picture of me?!


Caught ya!  She was digging dirt in the front yard!!


Here's Little T's friend.  Little T is actually 8 months OLDER than she is...


Here's L playing his last game.  He's getting so big.  He's 6 ft 1/2 inches tall now.  The wrestling coach didn't even recognize him! 

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fair Time!

I love the fair - the smells, the sights, the PEOPLE!!  I could sit there for hours and just watch the people around me.  They are so funny!!

Little T had a good time.  She rode on the merry-go-round and a train.   She didn't like the merry-go-round.  She was pretty uncertain about it at first but towards the middle of the ride she started to cry so I had to get her off.  Poor little thing!!  She enjoyed looking at the animals and touching and petting them.  I think she was overwhelmed by all the lights and noise actually as she just looked around at everything. 



Ok - this doesn't seem too bad mom...


wc2, I don't like this!!!


Not much else happening here.  I want to take her to a pumpkin farm but Big T said we didn't take the boys so why would we take her?  Umm...because YOU wouldn't let me take the boys!!  grr...sometimes men can be so frustrating!!  I'm going to take her anyway - I'll get J to go with me on a Saturday. 

Oh - speaking about pumpkins - I ordered her costume and it came in the mail.  As usual Big T wanted to know how much it cost but I just ignored him, took it into the bedroom and proceeded to put it on Little T.  When she walked out he died laughing - she was so cute!!  Now it doesn't matter how much it cost!  See - you gotta know how to handle Big T when it comes to money! I'll take a picture of her in it tonight and give you a sneak preview - it really is cute (and it only cost 27 bucks!!)

Quick post - doing on my lunch hour - more pics to come!! 


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