Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beaches and Baseballs

Big T and I decided to take Little T to the beach on Saturday.  It was so pretty out with the high in the 80’s and a wonderful breeze.  She didn’t like the water at first until I got her used to it by playing with her in the surf.  Once she realized that it was fun she was ready to go “woowooo” which is swimming in Little T speak.  We  only stayed for a few hours because Big T is very pale and burns quickly.  The big dummy didn’t put on any sunscreen even after I told him to at least 10 times!  He kept saying that he was fine until Sunday when he saw exactly how “fine” he was – yep, he got burnt. 


We decided to go back on Sunday and invited some friends but L got called to play in a baseball tournament so off the the field we go.  He only got to play for 3 innings the first game and one at bat for the second game but that was to be expected as he was called up to pitch.  For the next month or so we’ll be watching him play every weekend.  Little T enjoys watching her big brother though she enjoys running around much more!  I think we went to the bathroom 30 times or more! 


Here’s a conversation we had recently with Little T.  Let me preface this by saying that “popping a bubble” is passing gas – which in this family happens quite often.  We were playing in the living room and all of a sudden I get a whiff of something pretty nasty. 

me to Little T:  Little T, did you pop a bubble?

Little T:  No…dada!!!!

Yep, she was passing the buck to her dad! 

Here are some pictures of the beach and baseball.









Wednesday, September 09, 2009

We are Still Here!!

Yep, we are alive and kicking around these parts.  I can’t believe that it is already September!  The time sure does fly by.  


The wedding was beautiful.  T & T are such a great couple and I really think they compliment each other.  Baby H and Little T had the best time running around, dancing, and just being plain cute together.  I cried a little – that is my oldest baby!!  Big T, he just grinned the whole time.  We are so proud of these two and their accomplishments.  We can’t wait to see what the future holds for them!





We had our first ER visit with Little T a few weeks ago.  She got mad at me because I was still working and she was hungry so she threw a temper tantrum *gasp* and banged her head on my computer desk.  She ended up slashing her eyelid open so off to the pediatrician I went.  He sent me on to the ER because he was afraid of putting a needle that close to her eye.  Oh, get this, when we were checking in the receptionist asked me for her birth certificate!!!  I asked her why she needed it and she said it was hospital procedure.  Umm…I think not.  I asked her if she got the bc of every child that came into the ER and she said no.  Its a good thing she didn’t push the issue because I would have started to make some noise!!  Anyway, back to Little T’s eyelid.   The ER doc said he would try to glue the gash open but if they were unable to keep her still enough they would have to put her out to put some stitches in.  I told Little T to lie down and be still, the doc straddled her little head and the other doc glued it!  Yeah!  She’s going to have a scar but it will be small. 


Speaking of scars, Little T is a dare devil!  I swear that the boys did NOT do the things she does.  She loves to jump off of everything, she’ll vault over the back of the couch and then pop up laughing, she climbs up on the counter by using the shelves inside of the cupboard.  Check out what I caught her doing playing in the playground at a baseball game!  Yep, that’s my girl going down the slides backwards!!  I believe we’ll be visiting the ER quite often with her!


Here she is telling me what for about something.  She’s so funny!! 



L made a traveling baseball team so our weekends are filled with going to ballgames.  Ugh.  Yes, I’m glad he made the team but I was hoping to have some sort of break between ball seasons!  Oh well, he’s a Junior this year so I better enjoy him while I can.  Pretty soon he’ll be out of the house! 




My manager sent me down a cooler for employee appreciation.  Little T liked it so much she decided to crawl into it!! 




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