Sunday, December 20, 2009


I never thought I’d experience discrimination.  Sure, I’ve been teased, picked on, all that but discrimination?

Let me start from the beginning.  Many of you know that we are friends with some Chinese people who own a few restaurants here in town.  They are great people and and we enjoy their company.  Recently his brother sent his two kids over from China.  An 11 year boy and a 9 year old girl.  They are very sweet kids and are trying their best to get used to America.  Can you imagine being thrust into a school where you don’t even speak the language?  They started school a few days after they arrived.  How brave is that?? 

Anyway, Pan brought the boy over to my house on Friday and said that he hurt his elbow, had no strength in it.  The poor kid just looked at me and I could tell he was miserable.  Instead of taking them to the hospital I took them to my pediatrician.  When we went up to the receptionist she asked if we had an appointment and I said no and explained to her what happened.  

Here’s the conversation:

Snotty Receptionist (SR):  Have we seen him before?

Me:  No,  he will be a new patient.

SR:  We need his records from his other doctor.

Me:  We don’t have any of his records.  They are in China.

SR:  You mean you don’t have any records for him, even from where he was born?  Has he NEVER seen a doctor before?

Me:  Not here in the US.  He is from China and all of his records are there.

SR:  Well, I don’t think we will be able to see him without his records.

Me:  Why not?

SR:  Well…do they have insurance?

Me:  By “they” do you mean his dad?  No, he does not but he will pay cash today.

SR: They have no insurance?

Me:  No, but he will pay cash today.

SR:  Well…I can’t believe they don’t even keep records!

Me:  Yes, his parents have records but they are in China.

SR:  Can’t you call over there and have them faxed here?

Me:  No, sorry, its not that easy. 

Finally an angel in the back said it was okay that we don’t have his records and for us to have a seat and someone would be with us shortly.  The doctor was extremely nice as was his nurse.  Their receptionist needs to take some lessons on manners!  I was shocked at her attitude towards Pan and this sweet boy.  I can’t imagine how they would have felt if I wasn’t there.   When I told Big T about the incident he said that he was glad I was with him to help out.   By the way, after x-rays we were told that nothing was broke and we needed to get his shirt back on so they could put his arm in a sling.  When trying to manipulate his shirt Pan grabbed his arm and kind of pulled it back and we heard a “pop” and then a loud scream (heh…boy…can he scream!).  After that he was fine!  The doctor ran back him and we told him what happened and he said that obviously the elbow was out of joint and we popped it back in.  Jeez….  :) 

Later that evening I started thinking about the whole thing.  Is this something that Little T is going to experience or will she have it easier because she speaks English?  What if she never talks and has to use sign language?  Will she be looked down on like the SR did to Pan? Is this what he faces everyday because he is different?   How do I protect her from the ugliness that is abound in this world? 

That’s a hard question and I’m not sure I can protect her.  I can prepare her though.  I can teach her that everyone deserves respect no matter who they are or where they come from.  I can help her grow up to love herself for who she is. I can teach her about God and his love for her and then, I can pray that the lessons I’ve tried to teach her will help her handle the difficult times. 

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nap Time is No More!!

Well, I think Little T has decided she no longer wants to nap.  This is good and bad.  Bad in that she is home while I'm working in the afternoon so I'm going to have to come up with something to keep her busy for a few hours.  Any ideas?  And then good because she will go to bed at 8 which means I actually have some down time!!  Yeah!!!!! 

This morning while cruising around I saw a blog who "Elfed" themselves.  Then I remember doing that to the boys a few years back and thought what the heck, I"ll go do it to them again.  This time I added a few extra people!  Enjoy

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Halloween, Thanksgiving and some other stuff

We dressed Little T up her the costume she wore last year.  Since she really doesn’t remember last Halloween I could get away with this.  Next year?  Who knows!!
We let her clean out her pumpkin this year too.  She really didn’t know what to think of the stuff inside.  You can see L’s hand helping her.  Oh..and she’s wearing her gymnastics outfit!


For Thanksgiving we went to my BIL’s house.  It’s always nice to spend a holiday with your relatives.  They have accepted Little T into the family in such an easy way that its like she has been here since day 1!!

tg1 tg2

She made her first gingerbread house this year!!!  Not bad for her first time – she actually had candy left to put ON the house instead of IN her mouth!

And here’s a picture of what happens when you have a 3 1/2 year old and you leave her alone for a bit while you are working!!  Yes, she was “working” to and decided to tape up her work on the TV! 


I’m actually done shopping for everyone except for the stocking stuffers and the usual socks and undies.  We can’t wait for Christmas morning this year!  She will not be as overwhelmed as she was last year so it should be a hoot!  We got her a new Ittby Bitty Baby from American Girl, a Jeep Rubicon, a bike glider (heh…she’s riding that right now!  better put it away for Christmas) some puzzles, books, clothes, crayons, etc.  I can’t wait!!  I’d tell you what L got this year but he might actually decide to read the blog so I better not.  Today or tomorrow I plan to get the Christmas photo done of L and Little T so I can get the cards out by next week. 

On another note, this time of year is always bitter sweet for me.  Putting up decorations, hearing Christmas carols, decorating the tree…it all brings back the flood of memories that I have of my mom and dad.  I wish they were still here with us, enjoying their favorite time of year and enjoying their newest granddaughter and their great-granddaughter!  Yes, I know they are watching over us and are very happy in heaven but I’m a tad bit selfish and want them here! 

Its hard to believe that Little T has been with us for almost a year and 1/2!!  She’s changed and grown so much since those first few days in China.  Everyone comments about how tall she’s getting (yeah!) but she’s still so small compared to the other kids in her pre-school.  And her talking?  No, its not there yet though she is trying.  I’ve not been very happy with the results of the school’s ST so I’m looking into getting her back into some private ST.  We actually saw her old therapist and she said that she was disappointed because it seemed to her that she has not progressed very much.  Yeah…trust me…I know!  I think it has to do with the atmosphere of her therapy.  She’s in a room that other people go in and out of during it.  How can you teach and expect a 3 1/2 yr old to pay attention to you when people are constantly walking in and out of the room?  Yep, you can’t.  Plain and simple.  I’ve watched her therapy a few times and it felt rushed to me.  Like the therapist was just going through the motions with her – does that make sense?  I’ve also decided to learn American Sign Language.  I’m hoping that this will help her communicate better.  I talked to my oldest about it and he thinks that maybe this would encourage her NOT to speak but I’m not so sure.  What do you guys think?  What else can I do to help her?  I swear, if I hear one more person say “she’ll talk soon” or “she’s only been in here for 1 1/2 years so she doesn’t understand the language yet” I’m gonna scream!  She understands the language people!!!  She understands what you say to her, she can follow complex instructions (go put your coat in your bedroom on the back of the chair and then go wash your hands for dinner).  She just has expressive language issues. 

Ok – enough.  Sorry – went off on a tangent there.  If anyone can think of something else that I can do to help our sweet girl talk please let me know!!  And no…I do NOT allow her to point to what she wants.  I make her tell me mostly by her signing it but sometimes by her babble so please don’t say that we are “talking for her”.

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