Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Much Over Due Post

Wow…have I been slack or what?  Do I even have any readers out there anymore?  Hopefully I do. 

Things are wonderful here.  Let’s see.  I last posted in May.  In June we celebrated Little T being home 2 years!  Has the time flown by or what?  She has grown so much and we are so proud of her.  Her speech is coming along, slowly, very slowly, but we do see improvement.  She started the More At 4 program which has her going to pre-k from 8:30 to 2:30.  She absolutely loves it! 



In July we watched baseball and enjoyed being outdoors even though it was quite hot.   L did well in Jr. Legion baseball but I was glad when it was over!  We could finally have our weekends back!




Yes – it was that hot!!  Even our feet needed the shade!!!  




We also went to NY to visit Big T’s mom in July.  It was a welcome break and we enjoyed just hanging around and talking with her.  I was also able to visit a good friend while up there who adopted twice from China.  The biggest thing I did though was to go to the house I grew up in.  I found out that a girl I graduated with from high school bought my parents house!  How awesome is that??  So, I contacted her and was able to go see what they’ve done to the place.  It really makes my heart feel good knowing that someone is in the house and taking care of it. 


We did some swimming during the summer.  Little T took some lessons at the Y.  She loves the pool and is a little fish!



We also got a visit from the T’s and Baby H.  Well…Baby H isn’t much of a baby anymore.  She’s 2 and as big as Little T! 



They also surprised us with the news that they were pregnant and expecting a son in September.  Well it seems that this little one couldn’t wait until September and he made his way into the world on August 27th weighing in at 8.5 oz and 20”!!!  Please welcome Baby A!!


I’ve found myself looking at the waiting child lists, seeing so many children.  I’ve asked Big T if we could adopt again and he said no but I’ve prayed about it and I’m at peace with it because I know that God is working on his heart and I just have to wait for His timing.  In the meantime I’ve become more involved with a wonderful organization called An Orphans Wish (<---click me!).  I’m volunteering each month and we are sponsoring a beautiful little 3 year old girl who has club feet.   I’m completely taken by this one. 


Big T is doing well and enjoy every minute he can with Little T.  It still makes me smile when I think about the first time he met her.  She kissed him and that was it – she had him wrapped around her little finger from that moment on.

Well, I think that just about catches everyone up!  I’ll try to do a much better job at keeping the blog up to date.  landtblog1


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