Saturday, May 30, 2009


  Umm....yeah...sorry about that.  Life has gotten in the way of this blog!!  There has been so much going on that I really haven't had time to do anything. 

Where to start....ok, I'll start with L!  He's doing great, school is almost out so he's pretty happy about that.  His grades could be better if he actually put in some effort!  JV baseball is done but he was pulled up to Varsity baseball for the state champion playoffs and guess what?  His team plays next weekend for the championship!!  Go EW!!  He's not playing but he's there cheering them on.  He's also playing Jr. Legion ball so you guys can guess where we have been almost every single night! 

T & T have visited us twice!   I know - I'm such a bad blogger!!  I haven't even put up pictures of their first visit yet!  Baby H is now walking and turned a year old in May.  She is such a pretty and happy baby.  T & T get married August 8th!  We are so excited and happy and PROUD of both of them.  They have so much on their plates yet they are both getting on the Deans list at college and working and taking care of our sweet granddaughter.  They are off for the summer but will start back to school in the fall.  T has now decided that he might want to do research instead of being a pediatrician.  He's only done one year of college so we'll just sit back and wait and see where he ends up.   Whatever he decides to do I'm sure we'll be proud of him.

Big T is doing great also.  Business has been a little off but he seems to be generating the sales.  He's such a sweet husband and daddy!  He loves all his kids and he supports them and me with everything he has.  I'm doing great, loving my job still, loving working at home and playing with Little T everyday.  God is good!

I have a ton of pictures to process.  The 365 project went by the wayside when I and Little T got sick.  I ended up with some ulcers on my throat and just couldn't pick up the camera!!  Oh well, maybe next year will be better.  Here are just a few shots to pacify you.

Don't be hating because she so beautiful!!  Love my granddaughter!! (Picture taken by her daddy - not too bad!)


Isn't this a great shot?!  We were at the ball field and I happened to catch her looking at me through the bleachers!



These dresses were bought last year when we went to WVA to visit T & T.  They still fit! 

Here the girls are last year - boy have they grown!!  Look how much they've changed - wow!




We went to Relay for Life last night and Little T got her face painted.  She got a ladybug on one side and a baseball for her big brother on the other side!


We went to an agricultural type fair in Raleigh this weekend and Little T had a ball on the rides!  Last year when she rode one of these she cried.  My baby is growing up!! 




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