Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lunch Time Quickie

NO!!!  Get your minds out of that gutter, though, hmmm.....Big T is home for lunch and Little T is sleeping wink-wink!

Okay - back to reality!  The other day I put Little T down for her nap.  Big brother had been playing with her so you can imagine how mad she was at me.  She fussed a bit then was quiet.  About an hour later big brother went to check in on her and asked me why I put her to bed naked.  NAKED??!!  Yep, you guessed it!  She took her diaper off and was sleeping in the nude!  I grabbed the camera and took these quick pictures which woke her up.  Oh well...



Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baby H she is!!  Our littlest addition to our family - Baby H.  My son tells me she is doing great, playing more, smiling and laughing.  I miss them so much!!  They've only been gone a few weeks but it already feels like a life time.  We are going to visit them next month for orientation but that is weeks and weeks away and I don't know if I'm going to be able to wait that long.  I've hinted at them to come down for a visit but so far they seem to be pretty dense or are just not getting my indirect hints.  Maybe I need to give a more direct one like  - Get your butts down here!!  :)  Anyway, here's a quickpage of Baby H.  Isn't she just the sweetest?



A Beautiful Girl

Before we went to China I took some pictures of J's beautiful daughter.  This little girl is so special and she doesn't even know it.  We all just love her to death!


Monday, July 28, 2008

She Completes Us


Another Picture


Jonni's Template

Jonni over at Journey to Sofia and Samantha created a template that I downloaded.  Here's my take on it! 



Sunday, July 27, 2008

Outside Girl!

Baby T loves to be outside.  If we go out and don't take her she'll stand at the door, point her little finger, and yell at us!  It's so cute!  Big T was out mowing the lawn pulling Baby T behind him in the wagon while KaCee our dog was following them around the yard.  It was too funny so I quick grabbed the camera and took some pictures.

On Saturday we went to the beach and introduced her to the Ocean.  She was scared at first until I took her in and then look out!!  She loved it.  She would laugh each time a wave came and she would stick her little face right in the water.  I took some pictures and will get them up in the next few days.


Bus ride to the Hotel

After they brought Baby T out to us we sat on the floor and tried to comfort her.  Again, no tears, no struggles, just the scared look.  We watched other families try to calm down their babies while just holding her.  Finally we all got up and went down to the bus to go back to the hotel and do more paperwork.  Baby T didn't care what we did with her as long as I held her or was right next to her.  Even if I wasn't holding her she would just look around and then make sure I was right there.  On the bus she let her big brother hold her and looked at him as he talked quietly to her. 



Friday, July 25, 2008

Playing with Photoshop

This is a picture of L and beautiful Sofia!  I was looking at some masks tutorials and decided to try one.  I think it came out great!



Sweet Baby T


Thursday, July 24, 2008

First Glimpse of Baby T

When they brought her out of the little room in the back I started crying.  Well, actually I started the minute I heard the babies!!  Shoot, I'm crying now!  You can see by these pictures and the ones that will follow in the next few days how scared she was.  When I watched the video with Big T I watched her.  She would NOT look at me.  I think it took 10 minutes for her to finally look at me.  Big T said he caught her a few times giving me a sideways glance but she wouldn't look in my eyes.  The poor little thing was scared and confused.  I don't blame her - I was scared and confused too!  Our travel mates had cookies with them and gave one to her.  That helped and she finally started to look around more.  L was amazed, I was crying and laughing, and smiling and J, she was videoing the entire thing for us.  I don't know what I would have done with her! 


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where is it??

During my class today I noticed that Baby T kept running in and out of my room.  Later in the day L asked me if I knew what she did with his remote.  We looked around the house, in his room, in the garbage, and in the toilet.  It was no where to be found.  That's funny I thought, we couldn't find some other items either, like her sippy cup and some sandals.  Finally after searching for another hour I asked Baby T where her sippy cup was.  She immediately ran into my room and headed for the laundry basket.  When she lifted the top she pointed and said "ah".  Didn't I feel stupid??  There was her sippy cup, the remote control, sandals, toys and a few other items.  She just looked at me and smiled.  This kid is a trip!!



Sunday, July 20, 2008

Water Fun

Baby T loves the water!  When I tell her its bath time she gets all excited and heads to the kitchen!  She gets her baths in the sink for now.  When we go swimming in the pool she becomes a little fish!  She will put her face right in the water and just laugh.  We are teaching her how to swim and she is just soaking it up. 



On another note, before T left for West Virginia he stayed with us for a few days.  Baby T loves Baby H to death and every time she sees her she just wants to touch and hold her.  We decided to see what she would do if we sat her on the couch and put the baby on her lap.  Here are the results!



Thursday, July 17, 2008

1 month Family Forever Day!!

Oh my...I can't believe I missed that!  My bff called me yesterday and asked if I knew what day it was.  I laughed and said yes, Wednesday, and she said no - it's been one month since we got Baby T!!  Where is my brain?  Well, to celebrate we took her to the cardiologist and he gave her a CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH!!  They did an ultrasound and said everything looked great, no follow-up needed.  Isn't that just awesome??  We are so pleased.  During her ultrasound the tech sang to her.  Keep in mind that this took about 45 minutes to do and they want her to sit still.  Baby T did just that!  She watched the monitor, would look at me to make sure I was still there, then look at the tech, and then back to the monitor.  Such a good girl! 

August 5th some people will come to the house, evaluate her some more for early intervention, and then formulate a plan for her.  She's making different sounds now, like mamama, bababa,  yayaya, ruffruff, etc.  We've been told to copy the sounds she makes and have her copy sounds we make.  It's a fun game to play with her. 

Question on poop - sorry!!  Baby T's poop stinks - I mean REALLY stinks.  Neither of the boys had poop that smelled this bad.  I'm not sure if its because of her system getting used to American food or what but holy cow - she makes a grown man cry!!  Any suggestions?

Here are some pictures to enjoy.  She loves playing with her brother!

playingwithbigbrotherjuly2008 i love spaghetti


 IMG_6491 IMG_6488

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

At the Park

Tonight I took Baby T to the park while the boys watched the all star game. I don't think she's felt sand before and was very interested in the texture. The swing scared her the first time I put her in it but after a while she wanted to go again and that time she just laughed. She loves those bouncy horse things and going up and down the play center. She also wasn't sure about the slide but did try it a few times. When we went back to the car she kept going "ah,ah" and pointing to her shoes. Whoops! Baby T had a bunch of sand in them and was trying to tell me! On another topic, I'm using Windows Live Writer to write this post and I LOVE IT! It's so much easier that blogger and I'm able to insert pictures where I want them and how I want them. If you haven't tried this yet its very easy to install on your pc. Here's the link Windows Live Writer! Here's a page I made of her park adventure.



playing in the park

My Oldest has moved out!!

Today was a sad day.  T&T have moved to West Virginia.  AND they had the audacity to take their daughter H with them!!  I'm very sad about this yet I'm excited to see him start a new chapter in his life.  We will go up and visit him next month to check out where he's living and the college he will be attending.

Here's a picture of the 2 boys and T&H.  Too funny - they were wearing the same dress!!


I had this picture blown up to an 8X10.  Isn't it sweet?!!


Little T (or Baby T as she is now called) is doing great.  She continues to show us her little personality every day.  She is also becoming more verbal, no words but just different sounds.  CSAD came yesterday and talked with us.  This was just a first contact type of interview.  She watched how Baby T interacted with us, the dogs, and her brothers.  How she showed us what she wanted by using sign language we've taught her.  She also saw how her imagination is in full swing!!  She loves to play with her baby dolls, feeding them, and taking off/putting on their clothes.  She also loves to color and pretend to cook and feed us.  Like I've said - she is a smart cookie, just not talking or chewing yet!  Today I've got to take her to get some blood work done and tomorrow is her cardio appointment.

Here are some additional pictures for your enjoyment!! 

At baseball:

IMG_6300 IMG_6341

4th of July


Waiting for Daddy to come in


At a friends house enjoying a pig pickin'!!  I love this little smirk she gives us. 


Friday, July 11, 2008

Doctor update

Little T went to the doctors on Monday, got 4 shots, a tb test, and a finger prick! Poor little thing. She weighs in at 20lbs5oz and is in the 0 percentile for weight and height and in the 5th for head circumference. I think I'll start calling her peanut!

Next week we go to cardiologist so they can do their thing and CSAD (child services and development) is coming on Monday to evaluate her for some speech therapy and some occupational therapy. She's not talking at all, does not chew her food and is just now sucking on her bottle. Yes, I said bottle. She has 1 bottle at bedtime. The eye contact and me feeding her and filling that need for her is very good for attachment. Anyway, I think the therapy will be very good for her. Little T is adjusting well to her new family and we are completely overjoyed!!

Side note - while in NY we stopped by a good friends house. She also blogs and has a beautiful daughter Sofia. You can check out her blog by clicking on the Sofia link in my sidebar. I have some wonderful pictures to share from that visit and will get them up soon!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

This post is for Amy and Buster!

I'm not sure if you are reading the blog or not and I'll call you later tonight - but here is the blog I was talking to Buster about. This young lady went through a double lung transplant and I think it would be a great inspiration for Buster to read it.

Love you guys!!

Here's the link Confessions of a CF husband

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Quick Picture

We are home and all is well

Sorry I haven't posted. We have been so busy with visits and travel. We flew into Syracuse on Friday June 27th, visited with relatives and friends and then drove home to NC on Monday, June 30th. Big T brought my son, his fiancee and little H with him. It was so good to see everyone and to be back home.

The flight from China went very well. Little T is a trooper and did just great. We played, ate, walked the aisle, talked and slept. The only bad moment was at the Newark airport. We had sat her atop of our luggage and didn't realize that there was a slope in the hall we were in. Poor Little T decided to try gymnastics a bit early and did a few flips and fell to the floor. I cried more than she did! She was fine and only had a scratch on her little head.

Jet lag has not been an issue at all. We stayed at the Hilton while in NY while the boys stayed with Big T's sister. We have kept the same schedule as we had in China. Little T gets up around 7:30 or 8, eats, plays, poops (hehe - sorry!!), eats lunch around 12:30, takes a nap around 1 until 2:30 or 3, plays some more, eats dinner, gets her bath and is ready for bed around 8:30 or 9. She is so amazing and we are enjoying watching her blossom every day. L, J, or I did not have any issues either. I'm not sure why we didn't. From everything I read it was supposed to be pretty bad but we all just went about our business like we hadn't travelled for 24 hours.

I'll post some pictures soon. Paulette over at Together Forever is traveling to China on July 11 with her gotcha day set for July 17! I'm so excited for her and her little angel!!! Make sure you check her out and follow along in her journey to her beautiful daughter!

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