Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Oldest has moved out!!

Today was a sad day.  T&T have moved to West Virginia.  AND they had the audacity to take their daughter H with them!!  I'm very sad about this yet I'm excited to see him start a new chapter in his life.  We will go up and visit him next month to check out where he's living and the college he will be attending.

Here's a picture of the 2 boys and T&H.  Too funny - they were wearing the same dress!!


I had this picture blown up to an 8X10.  Isn't it sweet?!!


Little T (or Baby T as she is now called) is doing great.  She continues to show us her little personality every day.  She is also becoming more verbal, no words but just different sounds.  CSAD came yesterday and talked with us.  This was just a first contact type of interview.  She watched how Baby T interacted with us, the dogs, and her brothers.  How she showed us what she wanted by using sign language we've taught her.  She also saw how her imagination is in full swing!!  She loves to play with her baby dolls, feeding them, and taking off/putting on their clothes.  She also loves to color and pretend to cook and feed us.  Like I've said - she is a smart cookie, just not talking or chewing yet!  Today I've got to take her to get some blood work done and tomorrow is her cardio appointment.

Here are some additional pictures for your enjoyment!! 

At baseball:

IMG_6300 IMG_6341

4th of July


Waiting for Daddy to come in


At a friends house enjoying a pig pickin'!!  I love this little smirk she gives us. 



Jonni, John & Sofia said...

I know you must be so sad that T, T & H moved, but it will be nice to go visit them. It has to be so hard to see your baby leave. know that T & T are going to do great at college and little H will do great too. The pictures are so nice and I especially love the family one. Baby T and Baby H in matching outfits is so cute too and you know I always love the pics of baby T.



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