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More NY Pictures

Here are some additonal pictures from NY.  While there we were able to visit her and her.  

Jonni laid out quite a spread for Big T, Little T and myself.  The food was great but the company was even better.  I don't think either one of us shut our mouths the whole time we were together.  Sofia and Little T played well together.  It amazes us how different these 2 girls are.  Little T is wide open, jumping, running, swinging.  Sofia is quiet and laid back.  When we put Little T in the swing she laughed and started jumping so Sofia did too.  They were so cute together. I can't wait for Sofia's sister, Samantha, to come home! Now, believe it or not, but I really didn't get any shots of the delish food or the girls together.  I know, I know, its hard to believe with two camera toting mamas but its true!  I did manage to get a few parting shots of the 2 girls but Jonni and I were messing around with my camera so they are terrible! I've processed a few so here you go.





On Saturday during the reunion I snuck out to go meet with Cheri.  She was just 10 minutes away so there was no way I wasn't going.  Lia is a doll and she is doing great thanks to a wonderful mommy and daddy.  She took my hand and lead me into her house, yes, my heart just melted.  Little T played with Lia and Cheri's other kids outside for a bit until I looked at her pants and realized she had an accident!  oops...yep, potty training is still going on.  She is really doing well but when she's busy I think she just forgets.  What is amazing about this family is that they are in the process of adopting another waiting child from China.  His name is Evan and he is so cute.  Check out her blog for a picture!






Yep, you are right, she is a very pretty girl!


More random pictures

















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