Friday, August 29, 2008

Long Weekend

I help out with the high school's booster club when I can and started to get pretty involved with the concession stand last year.  This year I'm coordinating the volunteers for the JV and Varsity home football games.  This means that I will need to be going to each home game which will be great.  I really love to help out where I can.  Last night was the first JV home football game but believe it or not they canceled it due to too much rain!  Huh??  I was shocked!  Isn't football all about getting muddy?!!??  I guess the field was really flooded.  Oh well.  When I work in the concession stand I have to wear a hat so as I was getting ready I had one on.  Little T follows me everywhere so I looked behind me and of course there she is.  (and I LOVE IT!!)  Anyway - she ran and grabbed her brother's hat and put it on just like mommy!  Such a cutie!



We aren't doing a whole lot this weekend.  Big T's brother invited us over to his place tomorrow for a cookout and we are thinking of going up to the lake on Sunday.  I really wanted to go camping but Big T said no.  We haven't been yet this year so I'm just a bit disappointed.  What are you doing? 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Monday was so hard!!  I got Little T up around 6:30, gave her some breakfast, got big brother up and we all got in the car by 7:30.  We dropped big brother off at school and headed on to Small World where Little T will be going.  I started crying the minute I pulled into the parking lot!!  What a wuss I am!  Little T didn't understand why I was crying and she just looked at me and kept putting her little hands to my face which only made me cry more.  I brought her in and showed her where she would be playing at.  She just looked around.  Just stood there and looked around.  I talked with the owner some and then left.  The caregiver shut the door so Little T didn't see me and I peeked in for a bit to check her out.  Wanna know what she was doing?  Just standing there and looking around with such a sad little face.  Oh - my heart was just breaking!!  I finally left with the encouragement of Ms. Batts (the owner) and came home.  Ms. Batts is so wonderful!  She helped me with both boys - they love her very much.  The care givers have been there for years.  In fact, the one who will be taking care of Little T took care of both boys! 

At 12:00 sharp I was back at the daycare picking her up.  When I got out of the car Wendy had Little T in her arms and was pointing me out to her!!  She laughed at me when she saw MORE tears and said for me not to worry - she'll be checking up on her all the time.  Wendy is a dear friend who's son plays baseball with my son.  How cool is that?!  I knew she worked there, has for years, but she used to be with the older kids.  She told me that she decided to move to the younger ones last year.  That made me feel so good knowing that she is there watching her!

So, how did Little T do?  She did GREAT!!  She was so excited to see me when I picked her up but she wanted to play some more and not leave right away.  When I got home I had to laugh because her shoes were filled with sand.  When I showed Big T he laughed too - both boys would come home with their shoes filled.  Plus - Little T LOVES it outside.  I knew right there that she would like it there.  Today she went in with no problem, smiling away, and ready to play!  God is good and answered my prayers many many times!

Here are some more pictures of last weekend! Enjoy!


t2 t3 t4

Sunday, August 24, 2008

West Virginia

That was a quick trip but WVA is beautiful!  The kids have a nice little house and are all set up.  It was great seeing them and the baby.  Actually, we went to 3 different states this weekend.  We stayed with them in West Virginia, went to Lowe's in Ohio and ate in Kentucky!  Huntington is right on the border of Ohio and Kentucky.  It's bigger than we thought but still gives you the small town feeling.  I can't wait to go up there this fall and see all those colors in the trees. 


Marshall University is very traditional and also bigger than we thought.  They have a memorial up for the kids who died from the plane crash.  I didn't realize that they were almost home and crashed during the landing.  I guess I ought to go rent the movie "We are Marshall".  We got them registered, bought their books, paid for the semester and parking pass.  Wow - college is expensive!!  Thank goodness he got a scholarship and a student loan for most of it.  They start classes tomorrow.  

The house that the kids are staying in is small but so cute.  It's right between her parents and grandparents house so they are being well taken care of.  Her parents and her grandparents love my guy and have welcomed him right into their family. 

I've got a ton of pictures and will get them up soon.  Tomorrow will be a hard day for me.  Little T starts daycare and I'm very nervous about it.  We went to church today and I put her in the nursery and she didn't do well at all.  Last week she just stood by the table and looked around but didn't cry.  This week she cried.  Poor baby - it broke my heart.  When I got her after the service she whimpered some but was glad to see me and held on to me for dear life.  Please pray that tomorrow goes okay.  She'll only be there for 4 hours but you all know how hard those 4 hours can be. 

m1 m2 m3 m8 m9 m10 m5 m4





Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tomorrow we leave for West Virginia!

Yep, I'm so excited.  It will be different though.  We'll be staying with at T&T's house.  Actually, it will feel weird!  I'm trying to see myself as my mom visiting me here in NC from NY.  Just plain weird!! 

Continuing to document our adoption of Little T here is another scrap book page of that first day.  We just finished signing some paperwork in our guides room and went back to the Victory hotel where we stayed at.  Little T was still so scared but she let me change her clothes and clean her up some.  She played with the stacking cups we brought her and would watch us with those big brown eyes of hers.  No expressions just staring with those eyes.  I wonder what she was thinking?  Who are these strange people?  Where is my Ayi?  When am I going back to my friends?  Breaks my heart to think about it!  In the evening I gave her a bottle and a bath and rocked her to sleep.  She had a little cry that wasn't even louder than a whisper.  Oh, I pray I never hear that cry again.  It was so sad and heart wrenching!! 



Monday, August 18, 2008

2 Months Home

Wow, I can't believe she has been with us for only 2 months!  It truly feels as if she has always been here.  Here are some things she is now doing:

  • can sign more, eat, juice, help, thank you (almost!), and drink
  • loves to play hide and seek with big brother
  • can wave bye-bye and blow kisses.
  • goes to bed at 9:30, up at 8:30 with a nap around 1.  This is going to change to an 8:00 bedtime because she will be getting up at 6:30 starting on the 25th!  ugh - please pray for me! :)
  • loves music - this girl is crazy for music.  She sings to me and is starting to dance. 
  • looks to us for approval.  She will do something and immediately look for one of us so we can tell her she did a good job. 
  • becoming more and more attached to her blankie for bedtime and nap time. 
  • loves to feed her babies.  She is also starting to kiss and hug them more and more.  We walk each night and she has started to take one with us. 
  • when she is mad - look out.  She will point her little finger at you and let you know just how mad she is!!  The other night Big T fussed at her and made her cry.  She came to the bedroom where I was at and proceeded to tell me that her daddy yelled at her by pointing her little finger toward the kitchen and jabbering away!  Too cute!
  • we can't seem to keep sippie cups around.  She takes them and puts them in the oddest of places!  In her little scooter seat, in the pantry, in the phone stand, in her closet, in the cupboard, who knows where else! 
  • she absolutely loves to be outside. 
  • she imitates everyone, including the dog.  When we go on walks we take our black lab KaCee.  KaCee has to mark her territory everywhere so she is constantly squatting to pee even if it is just a drop.  When we let Little T walk (she rides in her wagon for the most part) she will run over to the grass and stand there with her legs spread!!  She has also tried to eat the grass like KaCee does!!
  • says mamama,dadada,yayaya,gagaga, and a whole bunch of other that we love to hear!  She'll be talking soon, no doubt. 
  • still has a bottle just before bed.  I've started to make only 4 oz instead of 8 because that is about all she'll drink.  As soon as I'm done with this formula I'll put whole milk in it. 
  • she's chewing now.
  • has gained 1 pound finally!! 
  • has developed stranger anxiety.  When we first came home she would go to anyone but now will just turn away if someone tries to take her from me.
  • claps her hands and then puts her hands up for us to pick her up.  It's like she's saying "hey - pick me up now!". 


I'm sure there is more but I can't think of anything else.  

How to Share

Little T loves her big brother, especially when he has food!!  The other night he was on the floor eating some sweettarts.  Little T saw him, laid down on her belly and made the sign for eat.  She wanted some so big brother had to share.  The funny thing is that he had to feed it to her!  After a few bites our dog KaCee decided that she wanted some so she laid down and started to stare at the other two.  It was so cute to see the 3 of them laying on their bellies sharing the candy.



Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another beautiful day!

Today was very pretty outside once again and I had to spend it inside - ugh!  At least big brother took Little T outside for a bit.  It's so much fun to watch those two play together.  He can get her giggling pretty good.

At lunch I let L drive me to the daycare so I could talk to Ms. Batts about letting Little T go there part time.  There was concern last week that there wouldn't be an opening for her but we found out today there is!  Yeah!!  I'm so excited that she is able to stay there.  Small World is where both of the boys went when they were little and then after school until they were old enough to stay home by themselves. 

Here's another scrapbook page I did of Little T playing at the ball game.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chewing Update

Little T is chewing!!!  The other day I was getting her pictures taken at Olan Mills and while picking out the poses she got into my purse.  No surprise there.  Anyway, I had some gum in there and when I turned around she had taken some out, opened it up and had it in her mouth.  I started to fuss at her then said (rather loudly) Little T!  You have gum!  You are chewing gum!!!  The poor lady from Olan Mills thought I was crazy. 

How did this happen?  When EI was here they showed me 2 different things to do with her.  One was to rub her gums from the top middle to the back on the right side, then the left side and repeat that on the bottom.  This was to help her become less sensitive to things in her mouth.  Then they asked for her tooth brush and showed me how to put it in her mouth on the side and gently push down.  I did these for a while and it seems to be working!  We are just overjoyed at seeing her chew. 

Her speech therapy appointment is in just a few weeks on September 2nd.  She is starting to jabber a little more and will play and sing to herself.  We think that once she gets going she'll catch up just fine. 

L starts school on the 25th and I've yet to find a daycare for half the day!  The one I want isn't sure they can take her.  I'll find out tomorrow on that.  If not I'll have to put her in the Y or something.  I'm not going to stress about it too much right now.  Next week we go visit T&T up in WVA along with our beautiful granddaughter.  I can't wait to see how much she has grown.  Trust me - there will be a ton of pictures!!

Here's a cute shot of my two youngest walking hand in hand out of the ball game last night.


Indian Baseball Game

Last night we took Little T to her first Kinston Indian Baseball game!  She had a blast running around and making everyone smile.  As usual she charmed everyone she met.  I took some pictures and will get those up soon but in the meantime here is a shot that will make you laugh!


Kinston Indian bbgame81308

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lunch, Flowers, and Aching

Yesterday Little T and I met Karen, her mom and her 2 boys for lunch.  Little T was timid at first but not for long!  Karen's 2 boys are adorable and were full of energy.  After they ate they went into the playground and jumped around for quite a bit.  Little T also went in but pretty much just watched them. 

After dinner last night Little T and I went to DQ and picked up a banana split!  Yummy!  She got so excited eating that ice cream.  Her first bite was small but oh man, after that look out.  She would open her little mouth as wide as she could so I could fill it up with ice cream. 

Here are some pictures I took yesterday.  I've also put one up of my mom's Peace Lilly.  This plant came from some friends when my mom died, made it down to NC from NY and never bloomed.  It grew but never, ever bloomed.  Big T noticed yesterday that there was a flower on it.  How appropriate!  Mom is telling Little T how much she loves her!!  Oh how I wish that Little T could have met my mom and dad.  She would have been so spoiled by her grandparents.  Dad used to call her his little sh*it and would grin away! 

Ok - sorry I went off on a tangent there, guess I'm missing my parents today.


Peace Lilly   calebandt ianandt tbytree1

Friday, August 08, 2008

Regrets and EI Update

I have a few regrets with regards to our trip to China.  One of them is buying things.  I had plenty of money and should have bought more.  My friend and I both feel this way.  What were we thinking??!!  That was a once in a lifetime trip and we were worried about money?? Jeez....

My other regret is not going to the orphanage where Little T spent the first 2 years of her life.  I guess I was being selfish - she was doing so well that I didn't want to chance it.  I should have.  I should have gone, taken pictures, and spoke to her nannies.  I could have learned so much about Little T's first 2 years and I didn't.  I do have some good news, CCAI called me and I asked them if we could get a copy of her birth mother's note that was supposed to have been left.  They will contact our guide in China (Grace) and see what they can do.  I would love to get that and have something to show Little T how much she was loved by her birth parents. 

EI came in on Monday and spent some time with us.  They played with her, gave her blocks to stack, showed her dolls, asked her to feed the dolls, hid things and watched to see if she could find them, put things in containers to see if she could figure out how to open them, etc.  She did awesome!!  God is so good!!  Her gross and fine motor skills are that of a 24-30 month old.  In fact, they were very impressed with how she handled things in her hands and how well she did.  Her vocabulary and chewing is another story though.  She is at 12 months for her vocabulary - which is what we expected.  All she does is make noises which is okay.  She's very smart and has picked up the baby signs I've taught her so the communication is just fine.  She will start speech therapy and some therapy to help her with her chewing in a couple of weeks. 

Quick funny.  The other day after we ate she was running around in just her diaper.  Well, she kept pulling at the front of it, keeping her hands in front of it then bending her little back poking her belly out.  I went and got Big T and had him watch her and he busted out laughing!!  Little T follows me  EVERYWHERE including the bathroom.  It seems that she also followed Big T into the bathroom and was trying to imitate him peeing!!!  OMG - how funny is that??!!  This little girl keeps us on our toes all the time.

Here's a scrap book page I did of daddy kissing her. 



Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Monday, August 04, 2008

Reaction to her Video

We haven't had many problems with Little T. We keep waiting for that other shoe to drop but so far it really hasn't. She has adjusted well. That being said we did see a small amount of grieving in China. There was one day that she cried for no reason and I could not get her to stop no matter what I did. That lasted for about 20 minutes. When she finally calmed down she took a quick nap and then was back to her usual self. I didn't experience that again until after she saw her forever day video. A few weeks back I was showing it to Big T and Little T was sitting on my lap. She watched the whole thing with us along with some additional footage afterwards. She pointed her cute little finger a few times, watched intently for a bit then got down and went to play with her brother. The next day she woke up fine but unusually clingy. Around 1:00 she started crying. I thought she was tired but I could not soothe her. She cried, arched her back, screamed, kicked, nothing I did helped. When Big T came home about 30 minutes into this I was crying right along with her, holding her and pacing the floor. Finally, FINALLY after just over an hour she calmed down and took a nap. When she woke up she was very clingy and acted that way for a few more days afterwards.

Big T and I talked about this and we think this was a reaction to her watching that video. We can't think of anything else that would trigger that type of reaction - no change in routine, nothing. We have been so blessed by Little T and so blessed that so far this has been the only issue we have seen so far. I know that we are not going to allow her to watch it again for quite a while!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Atlantic Beach

We decided to go to the beach again this weekend.  This is very unusual for us because we are really lake people.  When we woke up this morning it was so pretty out that we said what the heck, lets go back to the beach.  Little T really enjoys the water and the sand.  She loves to dig and put the sand in her bucket.  I brought one of her dresses with me again and grabbed some shots of her on the way out.  Here is a quick page I just did. 




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