Friday, August 29, 2008

Long Weekend

I help out with the high school's booster club when I can and started to get pretty involved with the concession stand last year.  This year I'm coordinating the volunteers for the JV and Varsity home football games.  This means that I will need to be going to each home game which will be great.  I really love to help out where I can.  Last night was the first JV home football game but believe it or not they canceled it due to too much rain!  Huh??  I was shocked!  Isn't football all about getting muddy?!!??  I guess the field was really flooded.  Oh well.  When I work in the concession stand I have to wear a hat so as I was getting ready I had one on.  Little T follows me everywhere so I looked behind me and of course there she is.  (and I LOVE IT!!)  Anyway - she ran and grabbed her brother's hat and put it on just like mommy!  Such a cutie!



We aren't doing a whole lot this weekend.  Big T's brother invited us over to his place tomorrow for a cookout and we are thinking of going up to the lake on Sunday.  I really wanted to go camping but Big T said no.  We haven't been yet this year so I'm just a bit disappointed.  What are you doing? 


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

How precious. Little "T" wants to be just like her mommy and who can blame her? Her mommy is one cool chick. Sorry to hear the game got cancelled.



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