Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lunch, Flowers, and Aching

Yesterday Little T and I met Karen, her mom and her 2 boys for lunch.  Little T was timid at first but not for long!  Karen's 2 boys are adorable and were full of energy.  After they ate they went into the playground and jumped around for quite a bit.  Little T also went in but pretty much just watched them. 

After dinner last night Little T and I went to DQ and picked up a banana split!  Yummy!  She got so excited eating that ice cream.  Her first bite was small but oh man, after that look out.  She would open her little mouth as wide as she could so I could fill it up with ice cream. 

Here are some pictures I took yesterday.  I've also put one up of my mom's Peace Lilly.  This plant came from some friends when my mom died, made it down to NC from NY and never bloomed.  It grew but never, ever bloomed.  Big T noticed yesterday that there was a flower on it.  How appropriate!  Mom is telling Little T how much she loves her!!  Oh how I wish that Little T could have met my mom and dad.  She would have been so spoiled by her grandparents.  Dad used to call her his little sh*it and would grin away! 

Ok - sorry I went off on a tangent there, guess I'm missing my parents today.


Peace Lilly   calebandt ianandt tbytree1


Karen said...

we had some much fun on Saturday! She is so adorable. It is amazing how much she understands and how much she listens!! email me the pics!!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

What a fun time it sounds like you guys had. The LOs you did are just beautiful and how wonderful that the Lily is now blooming. I have no doubt that it is a sign from your Mom & Dad.


Anonymous said...

she's adorable.

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