Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Monday was so hard!!  I got Little T up around 6:30, gave her some breakfast, got big brother up and we all got in the car by 7:30.  We dropped big brother off at school and headed on to Small World where Little T will be going.  I started crying the minute I pulled into the parking lot!!  What a wuss I am!  Little T didn't understand why I was crying and she just looked at me and kept putting her little hands to my face which only made me cry more.  I brought her in and showed her where she would be playing at.  She just looked around.  Just stood there and looked around.  I talked with the owner some and then left.  The caregiver shut the door so Little T didn't see me and I peeked in for a bit to check her out.  Wanna know what she was doing?  Just standing there and looking around with such a sad little face.  Oh - my heart was just breaking!!  I finally left with the encouragement of Ms. Batts (the owner) and came home.  Ms. Batts is so wonderful!  She helped me with both boys - they love her very much.  The care givers have been there for years.  In fact, the one who will be taking care of Little T took care of both boys! 

At 12:00 sharp I was back at the daycare picking her up.  When I got out of the car Wendy had Little T in her arms and was pointing me out to her!!  She laughed at me when she saw MORE tears and said for me not to worry - she'll be checking up on her all the time.  Wendy is a dear friend who's son plays baseball with my son.  How cool is that?!  I knew she worked there, has for years, but she used to be with the older kids.  She told me that she decided to move to the younger ones last year.  That made me feel so good knowing that she is there watching her!

So, how did Little T do?  She did GREAT!!  She was so excited to see me when I picked her up but she wanted to play some more and not leave right away.  When I got home I had to laugh because her shoes were filled with sand.  When I showed Big T he laughed too - both boys would come home with their shoes filled.  Plus - Little T LOVES it outside.  I knew right there that she would like it there.  Today she went in with no problem, smiling away, and ready to play!  God is good and answered my prayers many many times!

Here are some more pictures of last weekend! Enjoy!


t2 t3 t4


Karen said...

gosh darn it...you made tears come to my eyes! I am so glad she had a great day. It will get easier.

doubledaughterhappy said...

I am glad to read the good report on that first day care experience. Tell Logan hello from us as well. Love being able to get a little glimpse of how great things are for you all.

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

So glad to hear that things gor better by the end of the day for you both. You are so lucky to have Wendy and i know she will help little Miss T. I can imagine how hard this day was.


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

P.S. Love the photos too.


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