Monday, August 04, 2008

Reaction to her Video

We haven't had many problems with Little T. We keep waiting for that other shoe to drop but so far it really hasn't. She has adjusted well. That being said we did see a small amount of grieving in China. There was one day that she cried for no reason and I could not get her to stop no matter what I did. That lasted for about 20 minutes. When she finally calmed down she took a quick nap and then was back to her usual self. I didn't experience that again until after she saw her forever day video. A few weeks back I was showing it to Big T and Little T was sitting on my lap. She watched the whole thing with us along with some additional footage afterwards. She pointed her cute little finger a few times, watched intently for a bit then got down and went to play with her brother. The next day she woke up fine but unusually clingy. Around 1:00 she started crying. I thought she was tired but I could not soothe her. She cried, arched her back, screamed, kicked, nothing I did helped. When Big T came home about 30 minutes into this I was crying right along with her, holding her and pacing the floor. Finally, FINALLY after just over an hour she calmed down and took a nap. When she woke up she was very clingy and acted that way for a few more days afterwards.

Big T and I talked about this and we think this was a reaction to her watching that video. We can't think of anything else that would trigger that type of reaction - no change in routine, nothing. We have been so blessed by Little T and so blessed that so far this has been the only issue we have seen so far. I know that we are not going to allow her to watch it again for quite a while!


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Oh honey, I am sorry that you guys had a rough time with this. I am sure that seeing little "T" react like that made you very sad too. Maybe with time she will do better with it. I have no doubt it will get easier. Please give her a kiss from us. She has done such a great job with everything and this too will get better. What a special little sweetie she is.



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