Sunday, August 24, 2008

West Virginia

That was a quick trip but WVA is beautiful!  The kids have a nice little house and are all set up.  It was great seeing them and the baby.  Actually, we went to 3 different states this weekend.  We stayed with them in West Virginia, went to Lowe's in Ohio and ate in Kentucky!  Huntington is right on the border of Ohio and Kentucky.  It's bigger than we thought but still gives you the small town feeling.  I can't wait to go up there this fall and see all those colors in the trees. 


Marshall University is very traditional and also bigger than we thought.  They have a memorial up for the kids who died from the plane crash.  I didn't realize that they were almost home and crashed during the landing.  I guess I ought to go rent the movie "We are Marshall".  We got them registered, bought their books, paid for the semester and parking pass.  Wow - college is expensive!!  Thank goodness he got a scholarship and a student loan for most of it.  They start classes tomorrow.  

The house that the kids are staying in is small but so cute.  It's right between her parents and grandparents house so they are being well taken care of.  Her parents and her grandparents love my guy and have welcomed him right into their family. 

I've got a ton of pictures and will get them up soon.  Tomorrow will be a hard day for me.  Little T starts daycare and I'm very nervous about it.  We went to church today and I put her in the nursery and she didn't do well at all.  Last week she just stood by the table and looked around but didn't cry.  This week she cried.  Poor baby - it broke my heart.  When I got her after the service she whimpered some but was glad to see me and held on to me for dear life.  Please pray that tomorrow goes okay.  She'll only be there for 4 hours but you all know how hard those 4 hours can be. 

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Karen said...

Great pics of the baby! I want one!!!

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

I am so glad you had a great time and it looks like T, T & H will be well taken care of with family members so close. I love the photo of them in front of Marshall.

I also did not realize that the crash happned when the plane waslanding. My couisn graduated from Marshall, and she loves that school.

Love the LOs of little "T" and "H", those girls are getting so big.

I will be thinking about you with little "T";s big day. Hope all goes well.


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

OMG, I just saw all of my typos above, please look past that.

P.S. When are you and big "T" going to start the paperwork again? I know you are going to. Might as well get back in line with me (lol). :)


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