Thursday, August 31, 2006

Conversations About Future Jobs

5 yrs ago, T is 11, L is 8

C: So T, what are you going to do when you get out of school?
T: I'm going to cure cancer!
C: L, what about you?
L: I'm going to work at Sears.
C: Hmmm....okay.

1 Yr ago, T is 15, L is 12

C: So T, what are your plans for college?
T: I want to go to college out of state - maybe in Florida or California. I want to study bio-chemistry
C: Great - better start working on your summer reading!
L: Ma, aren't you going to ask me?
C: Ok L, what are you going to do?
L: Be a baseball player or work at Sears.

6 Months ago

T: Mom, I'm going into surgery.
C: Ok, are you going to specialize?
T: Yep, I'm going to be an oral surgeon so I won't have to be on call and work all those weird hours.

1 Week ago, T is now 16, L is 13

T: Ma, I decided I'm going to become a Pediatrician.
C: What happened to oral surgery?
T: I don't know, I just want to be a pediatrician.
C: Ok, what ever.
L: Mommmmmmmmmmmmmm......
C: What?!!
L: I'm going to be a baseball player.
C: Now L, you know that being a baseball player is probably not going to happen.
L: Yeah, I know, I have a backup plan though.
C: Good job, what is it?
L: If I can't be a baseball player I'm going to work at Sears.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The number 3

The number 3 has 3 additive angles, there were 3 stooges, there are 3 laws of motion discovered by Newton, a band called Three Dog Night, Three Mile Island, and 3 kings that visited baby Jesus. Three can represent the past, present, and future, a triangle, the Holy Trinity.

Yes, the number 3 is a magical number. Do you know what else it means? It means we have now been logged in with China for 3 months!!!!

Three...yep, I like that number!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Shopping the Blues Away

I went shopping last night for my August cyber shower buddy. This months theme is "The Red Thread" which is an old Chinese saying that means when babies are born they are already connected to the important people in his/her life by a red thread. This thread can be twisted or stretched, but not broken. So here I am looking around our huge city for something to do with China. What did I find? A few books, a ladybug (ugh) but not much. I ended up at Target and bought some real cute outfits, a blanket, some little people figures that includes the Asian girl, and a card.

Know what else I found?? A cabbage patch baby that looked Asian!! I was so excited, it was on sale and I grabbed it. L was with me and he thinks I'm totally nuts, which of course I am!! I also found the Dora doll dressed in a traditional Chinese outfit so I grabbed that to.

When I got home I checked my email for our reservations at the lake this weekend and I saw an email from my agency CCAI. Our first travel packet was ready to be downloaded!!! Yeah!!! Okay, so I have at least 9 months (and 1 day) of waiting but at least this is something!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Rough Weekend

I got a call Friday from my mom at work. First of all, since she had her stroke in January she hasn't called me herself at work so I was very surprised to hear her voice. Of course the doomssayer in me said - "OMG - What happened now". I asked how she was and she said she lost her brother. My uncle passed away at 72 years of age on the golf course. He was in great health so this is a shock to all of us. Mom wants me go to NY for the funeral but I just can't. I've been up there 3 times this year already and it's so hard. I wrestled all weekend with this, didn't sleep, just moped around. Big T said no - don't go. Even today I'm thinking about this and the funeral is tomorrow morning. If I end up going I would either have to drive 12 hours right through the night or pay out my nose for a plane ticket.

If that didn't make my weekend hard enough I learned at church yesterday that my friend who is adopting domestically was picked by a birth mother and her daughter is due on October 8th. Yes, I'm so happy for her but I cried all during the church service. I kept thinking why not us? Why are we having to wait so long? It's just not fair. Then I would think - OMG - I am being nothing but selfish - it's not about us - it's about a baby. A little one who needs a home and a loving family. Can you see where my head was at? I went home, cleaned our bedroom and just ranted all day. Thank goodness the boys were doing their show at a church in Smithfield.

Okay, so today is a new day. I'm still a tad grumpy, but I'm doing better. I'm still mad at myself for my reaction to her announcement. And yes, I know all the words..."it will happen for you too....she hasn't been born's not time yet...." blah, blah, blah - I don't wanna hear that. I can be upset about this process - it's the ONLY thing I can control. So, I'll be grumpy today and maybe tomorrow I'll be better.

Friday, August 25, 2006

New Look

Yes, I've changed the look of my blog once again. I get tired of the same format. A friend at work showed me this new template and it looks "cleaner" than my other one. Hope you enjoy it!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend at the Lake

We had a great 4 day weekend. We went to Lake Gaston for the first time this year. The weather was beautiful and the water was warm. Big T and L went up on Thursday and T, his girlfriend, and I went up on Friday. L made some friends next door and hung out with them the whole time. He was able to go out on the boat and tube. We would love to get a boat but with baseball this would not be a wise investment as we would never use it. This weekend also kept me away from the computer and the rumor sites.

The campground we stay at is private and offers activities for all ages, from crafts, to pool games, to a dance on Saturday night. We played horse shoes together and talked Saturday afternoon. Big T told me that I have him hooked on this adoption because he went to town Thursday night looking for a folding table and also looked for Chinese dolls!! Yep, he's looking forward to this!!

Sunday we rented a pontoon and enjoyed swimming and boating. KaCee loved it but we need to get her a doggie lifejacket - she is hard to get back into the boat!! I left Jasmine at home because she was not feeling well. She is allergic to fleas and they have tore her up this summer.

We roasted marshmellows and made s'mores - one of my fav things to do while camping! At night we just relaxed by the fire. Our site was right on the water so we were able to watch the sunset on it each night.

I took some pictures and made some collages - hope you enjoy them!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

To Do List - Not enough

I have a very big to do list but it's not keeping my mind busy!! I mentioned earlier that I might go back to school but I wasn't sure. Well, I am! I don't know in what yet and I've got to study for the GMAT - but at least this will keep my mind busy. I've got to do something otherwise I'll go crazy because I can't stay away from the RQ site! UGH!!!!

Carry Me Away

It has been brought to my attention that I didn't give the link to where I bought my sling. It is a company called Carry Me Away. Go ahead, click on the name and check them out!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Retail Therapy

oops...did some retail therapy today. I mentioned earlier that I was making a MeiTie carrier. I did and it came out very nicely but I also want to use a sling carrier. I was looking over my forums this morning and there was a thread about this very thing. I went to the mentioned website and saw they were having a sale! The one I purchased is similar to this one except mine is pink, of course!! I should get it in a day or two - hopefully on Wednesday so big T doesn't see it....haha!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Not much happening here on the home front. T is with his girlfriend at Bush Gardens and L is at his friends house. That just leaves Big T and me once again. The house is clean, I could work on the lawn but I don't want to. My friend called yesterday and I told her I was feeling blue about the wait. She suggested I go over there and we would scrap together. That was a nice diversion.

School starts in a few weeks for the boys so the time will start to go by more quickly. We are going camping next weekend!! Yeah!! This is something that we all enjoy. We have a membership at a camp ground on Lake Gaston. It has things for the boys to do, a pool, and of course the lake. Very relaxing!

I am also contemplating going back to school for my Masters. This would also keep my mind of the wait and would keep me busy. I can take one class per semester for free and get my books for free (due to working at the college). We'll see. I'd have to take the GMAT first..ugh!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

babies babies everywhere!!

So why am I posting a picture of some baby feet? Because another person has told me that she is pregnant!! Oh my - that is the 3rd person that pregnant and I know of at least 2 other people who are trying. On top of that, if you figure it out, these chicks will have their babies before I do and I started before THEY did!! That just sucks big time.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

She's Home!!

Update on Mom:

I called last night to check on mom and see if she was still in the hospital. Dad said that she ended up not being admitted and he had to go back in to bring her home. The EKG's looked fine and the blood work did not indicate she had a heartattack so that was very good news. She goes to her heart and kidney doctors this week and they will follow up with her. It was probably angina. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Mom in Hospital

Dad called last night. Mom is once again in the hospital. She was having chest pains and 3 nitro pills later dad takes her in. They were going to keep her over night to rule another heart attack out.

So he calls and talks to me about what happened. He said that after they ran a few tests and decided to admit her he told the nurses that she needed to eat. They found her a sandwich, she ate half and he ate the other half. Then they bring in a tray of food for her and she eats it up! BUT - he complained about it because he was hungry!!!! OMG!! Ya know, I love my dad with all my heart but he can be such an a$$hole sometimes. Get this, when he called me I asked what room she was in, you know, figuring he would know and all. Nope - of course not. He left her there in ER!! Yep, that's right folks!! He LEFT.HER.THERE.ALONE!! Keep in mind that since her stroke in January she has a hard time getting the right words out which makes it difficult to communicate with her. He said he was tired and needed to eat. Huh?? Tired? Hungry? What about mom laying there scared and wondering what's going on?? She's being poked and proded and he's not there. Freaking unbelievable!! My dad just doesn't get it. Big T just shook his head when I told him.

There are so many stories I could tell you about my dad. I do love him, yes, really, I do. It's just that he is very old fashion and very stubborn and sometimes I'd just like to shake him and make him realize what he is doing!! grrrr.....

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I bought some new software called FotoFusion. I've been playing with it tonight and created some collages. This first one is of my neighbor's little boy. Big T and I took him and his sister to watch the boys perform in Goldsboro's National Night Out.

This next one is of his sister. Isn't she a beauty?

Here's a picture of the boys and their youth group perfoming.

The next picture is our dog. She loves to swim!!

And finally, we went to the ocean this past weekend. Here are some pictures of the trip.


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