Sunday, August 13, 2006


Not much happening here on the home front. T is with his girlfriend at Bush Gardens and L is at his friends house. That just leaves Big T and me once again. The house is clean, I could work on the lawn but I don't want to. My friend called yesterday and I told her I was feeling blue about the wait. She suggested I go over there and we would scrap together. That was a nice diversion.

School starts in a few weeks for the boys so the time will start to go by more quickly. We are going camping next weekend!! Yeah!! This is something that we all enjoy. We have a membership at a camp ground on Lake Gaston. It has things for the boys to do, a pool, and of course the lake. Very relaxing!

I am also contemplating going back to school for my Masters. This would also keep my mind of the wait and would keep me busy. I can take one class per semester for free and get my books for free (due to working at the college). We'll see. I'd have to take the GMAT first..ugh!!



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