Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What's In a Name??

Ok, I thought everyone would like how I combined my grandmother's first name, my mother's middle name, and my MIL's first name to Tianna Claire cn. My dh and ds's do NOT like this name at all. I think it's pretty and unique but they just won't have it. So I've found some other names that I'm going to run by the gang and see what they think. Here are a few:

Akia (pronounced Ah-key-ah)
Taryn Claire
Kera Faith
Skye/Skylar ?
Piper Ann
Marina ?
Kylie Faith
Lexi ?
Kennedy Faith (ha - I really like Faith as a middle name!!)
Kianna ?
Ava Claire
Kelsey Faith
Tehani Faith (pronounced te-ha-nee)

So many choices!!!

Monday, November 28, 2005


We celebrated Thanksgiving with my BIL. It was very relaxing and we had a great time. I was a little bit down because we usually spend this day with my mom and dad. They were unable to come into town because of her triple bypass 2 months ago. She isn't ready to travel yet - but we are looking forward to Christmas!!

When we walked into their house we were greeted warmly and then congratulated about our adoption plans. Everyone asked questions and seemed to be very happy for us. T's brother and sister in-law said they would be happy to be her guardian - they are my oldest son's godparents and have 2 young children so they were a natural to ask. T's other brother and sister in-law came up to us after dinner and said that they would like to give Logan some air miles so he can go to China too!!! What a wonderful surprise. They are his godparents and are two wonderful people!

We got T's doctors form back and as I was looking it over I notice that they marked his liver as abnormal! Huh?!! I asked T about it and he said he was unaware of anything being abnormal. This doctor is something else. T is going to call today and find out what is going on. Since they marked this as abnormal we will need to get a letter of explanation from them for the homestudy and for the dossier! What a pita!! I go to the doctors this friday for my physical and next Sunday is our first visit with the social worker. We are coming along slowly but surely!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

BC's,MC, and Telling the Family

I finally got my birth certificate in the mail!! Now I've sent all 3 certificates to NY to be certified and then I can send them to NYC Chinese Consulate to be authenticated. I'm also going to the clerk of court today to get our police records going and I will be picking up the boys forms from the doctors. Dh and I decided to clean out the attic this weekend. There is junk up there from when the boys were little! I'm going to have a massive yard sale in a few weeks. If I have time I'm also going to clean out my closet and the hall closet - pretty ambitious plan for the long weekend.

We are going to J & J's for Thanksgiving. I'm not able to get time off so we can't go to NY to see mom and dad. Usually mom is down here and the day after we hit the stores and all the crowds! I'm going to make some squash and an apple pie to bring. We haven't had Thanksgiving with them in many years so this will be a nice change. Plus we'll be able to see G, K & L's new little girl!

We also told his side of the family what our plans are. We composed an email and sent it to everyone with the who, what's and whys. The response from everyone has been very supportive. Everyone is excited for us and quite happy. When I told my youngest brother he said congrats and what can I do for you. When I told my other younger brother he said "Why China when there are so many kids right here in the US?" Should have known I'd get that response from him. My sister is excited also, but thinks we are completely out of our minds!! Both sets of nana's are happy and papa is too.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 21, 2005

No homestudy yet...

When I first called the social worker I left a message and waited a few days. When I wasn't called back I called her again and she sounded suprised to hear from me. She said she wanted to start this in December due to the holiday but I asked her to start in November so a meeting was scheduled for November 20th. As the time draws near I'm getting more and more nervous. I was so jumpy the day of the 19th - up until she left me a message saying "something unexpected came up" and she had to cancel...grrrr!!!!!!! I should have known better. I swear she just made the appointment for the 20th to appease me and knew all along she wouldn't be coming. Oh well - so now we have our first appointment on December 4th - a Sunday. (I just looked at an older post and see that I had wished for the hs to be on the 4th...LOL) This works better actually because my olders has a wrestling tournament on the 3rd and he wouldn't be there. We got our receipt from Homeland letting us know that we are "in the queue" for fingerprint appointments. DH got his BC but I haven't gotten mine yet. DH has had his physical and I've dropped off the paperwork for the boys. They just had one due to sports in school. I'm making an appointment today to get my physical complete.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Hey all. I've been in New York since the 11th of November. My mom had a stroke and she asked me to come see her. She is feeling fine and has had no major side effects from it but she is horribly depressed. Hopefully the new meds will start to kick in tomorrow.

Paperchase update - well, there isn't anything to update!! ugh!! I am NOT a patient person and this hurry up and wait thing is gonna drive me crazy. The first homestudy visit is this Saturday but I wish it was the 4th!! Hopefully when I get home I will have the bc's and mc that I ordered and I'll have a fingerprint appointment.

Names - mom thinks we should name her Tomisina Claire CN but I still like Tianna Claire. We'll see, we've got a whole year to think about it. The boys don't really like either name. T doesn't either. My oldest said Sara Elizabeth, who knows!!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

First HomeStudy appointment

We have our first homestudy appointment set for November 19. I'm nervous about it but excited at the same time. Our social worker seems to be very nice. The oldest has a wrestling match that day but it is close by so T should be able to get back for it. The I600A came back to me due to the amount I sent...ugh!! I've also ordered BC for us and I've completed the adoption petition. Next is setting up doctor appointments for all 4 of us. I think that the pediatrician will not need to see the boys as they just had a physical for school sports.

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