Monday, November 21, 2005

No homestudy yet...

When I first called the social worker I left a message and waited a few days. When I wasn't called back I called her again and she sounded suprised to hear from me. She said she wanted to start this in December due to the holiday but I asked her to start in November so a meeting was scheduled for November 20th. As the time draws near I'm getting more and more nervous. I was so jumpy the day of the 19th - up until she left me a message saying "something unexpected came up" and she had to cancel...grrrr!!!!!!! I should have known better. I swear she just made the appointment for the 20th to appease me and knew all along she wouldn't be coming. Oh well - so now we have our first appointment on December 4th - a Sunday. (I just looked at an older post and see that I had wished for the hs to be on the 4th...LOL) This works better actually because my olders has a wrestling tournament on the 3rd and he wouldn't be there. We got our receipt from Homeland letting us know that we are "in the queue" for fingerprint appointments. DH got his BC but I haven't gotten mine yet. DH has had his physical and I've dropped off the paperwork for the boys. They just had one due to sports in school. I'm making an appointment today to get my physical complete.



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