Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What's In a Name??

Ok, I thought everyone would like how I combined my grandmother's first name, my mother's middle name, and my MIL's first name to Tianna Claire cn. My dh and ds's do NOT like this name at all. I think it's pretty and unique but they just won't have it. So I've found some other names that I'm going to run by the gang and see what they think. Here are a few:

Akia (pronounced Ah-key-ah)
Taryn Claire
Kera Faith
Skye/Skylar ?
Piper Ann
Marina ?
Kylie Faith
Lexi ?
Kennedy Faith (ha - I really like Faith as a middle name!!)
Kianna ?
Ava Claire
Kelsey Faith
Tehani Faith (pronounced te-ha-nee)

So many choices!!!



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