Saturday, October 09, 2010

Different Things

We went and visited the T’s up in WV.  It was a great visit and we really enjoyed meeting Baby A and seeing his big sister H!  Are you ready for some sweetness?  How about I start out with the toes?


I know!!  Aren’t they the sweetest little toes you’ve ever seen?? 


Awww….just look at him!!  Here is little man sleeping. 


And here he is wondering who the heck is holding him and why he looks so weird!!  :)


I swear, he had the longest toes and fingers I’ve ever seen!  He’ll end up wearing a size 14 shoe like his dad…just because of the toes (just like his dad!)

Ahhh….how is the big sister handling the newcomer?  Very well.  She loves him and wants to hold him, feed him, and play with him.  Of course she gets jealous, I mean as cute as Baby A is, wouldn’t you?


But she is going to be a great big sister.  I laughed when she and Little T saw each other.   They ran up and hugged each other like you wouldn’t believe.  Then, oh my, then the jealousy kicked in!  They both wanted our attention, fighting for our lap and arms.  I LOVED IT!!!  Heh….we call H the little bruiser.  She might be Little T’s niece but she can take her down like you wouldn’t believe!  It was so cute to see them hug and then fall on the floor with their arms still around each other laughing away. 



The entire drive up Little T kept asking when we would see H.  She loves her so much and enjoys playing with her when they are together.  I hope they continue this relationship as they grow older. 


Just look at that face!  She was so happy and really going crazy running around.


I can’t wait to see them again.


As you know Little T started pre-k this year.  She is really doing well and enjoying the class.  She has a best friend – can a 4 yr old have a best friend?  She cracked me up yesterday when I asked her if she played with her best friend.  She said “no, shalotteives not bes fend. She no ay me!”  (no, girls name not best friend.  She no play with me!)  ahhh…so in order to be a best friend at the tender age of 4 you have to play together!  I’m sure on Monday they will be bes fends again! 

I didn’t share her first day of pre-k picture.  She was so excited!



I have no clue why she is tilting her head lately when I take her picture!  So funny! 


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