Saturday, February 28, 2009


ell, I decided that putting each picture into a scrapbook page was just holding me up from getting them out here on the blog so I decided to just post them!  Before you look at them run over to NiHao Y'all and congrat Steph and Chris on their newest addition!

February 1st - Me and my wheat thins!
February 2nd - Being silly on the couch
February 3rd - Throwing a temper tantrum
**February 4th to come later**
February 5th - Such concentration as she walks up the bleachers!
February 6th - My 3 favorite girls
February 7th - Mom!!  I can't believe you took my picture!
February 8th - Playing before church
February 9th - Helping daddy pick up pine cones
February 10th - Sleeping with your baby
February 11th - Little T!!  Where are your  pants??!!
February 12th - L's science project.  Yes, that is one of Little T's head bands!!
February 13th - Playing outside and wearing the hat momma made for you.
February 14th - Happy Valentines Day!!
February 15th - Looking so sweet in the dress momma made for you.  We are getting ready for church.
February 16th - Shaking up your lemonade like your big brother does
February 17th - Look momma, I got a hold of the salt shaker!!
February 18th - Daddy put this piece of cloth around your head thinking it would calm your crazy hair down!
February 19th - Helping momma get breakfast ready
February 20th - Wearing a silly headband.
February 21st - Myrtle Beach
February 22nd - Checking out our swimsuits at Myrtle Beach
February 23rd - Sick little girl
February 24th - Playing with momma on the floor
February 25th - Pretty in orange
February 26th - At the baseball field
February 27th - another wild hair day!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Final Decree of Adoption

With abosolutely no fanfare we received Little T's Final Decree of Adoption.  Some states or even counties have you go into the judges chambers and have a nice little ceremony but not here.  *sigh*  Oh well, Little T has been adopted by both of us now and in a few days we should get information about getting her BC.   Then we'll take on the SS office and get her SS card.  


I've had Lightroom for awhile now but have never really used it.  Jonni over at The Chronicles of Mommia uses it quite often so I thought I'd give it a try.  Here are 2 pictures that I did.  What do you guys think?? 




Tuesday, February 17, 2009

365 and Some Funnies

I'm still doing the 365 project, I'm just having a hard time getting them set up in a scrapbook page!  Maybe sometime this week I can get caught up.

This morning I brought Little T to pre-school.  The parking lot was rather busy so I said "Ok Little T, lets run!"  She loves to run.  Well, no sooner did I take two steps she's saying no, no.  So I stop and look down and there she is...mooning the whole parking lot!!  Her pants had fallen down to her ankles.  Everyone got a giggle out of that little show.

This afternoon I put her in her bed for nap time.  Big T was home getting some lunch and I was working on the computer.  All of a sudden I hear this little giggle and pitter patter of feet!  Big T came down and said that when he turned the corner to go into the bedroom she was standing in the hall.  When she saw him she giggled, ran back into her room, jumped on her bed and covered herself up.  So cute! 

Update on Tin WVA - he goes to the orthapedic doctor next monday for his arm.  He actually broke the bone right up by his elbow.  Yes, it probably means surgery...ugh!



I just love this picture of her sleeping.  She loves the feel of this blanket that I made for her.  So sweet!!  


Sunday, February 15, 2009

So sweet

I was sitting her this morning reading some blogs and listening to Big T and Little T talk.  He is looking through some receipe books for something or another and she is sitting on his lap doing the same thing.  It does my heart good to see her with him, to see her play with him and go to him!  When they are done looking at their books they go back up to the kitchen, him leading and her following.  He'll do a little skip and she'll try to do the same thing - monkey see monkey do! 

My heart just bursts with the love I feel for my husband.

*side note - T called last night, he fell down the steps at his soon to be in-laws house and broke his arm!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Little T and I made brownies the other night.  I gave her the bowl and she dug right in with both hands! 

The potty training is going very well.  She is in undies during the day except for nap and bed time.  She's only had a few accidents so we are very excited for her.  We've also decided to take down her crib and put her in the big girl bed.  We took the frame off of our queen bed and just put the box springs and mattress right on the floor.  She has been sleeping on this for about  a week now.  During the day I put her in for her nap and she goes right to sleep....NOT!! Ha - had you fooled!  No, she does pretty good though.  She will play with her babies and settle down after about 10 minutes or so.  She doesn't get out so that is a blessing.  For bedtime I've bed laying down with her and tonight is the first night she's in there by herself.  No, she's not happy but she's starting to settle.  I keep telling her I'm right here and she can see me from the bedroom.  I'll probably go in there in a few minutes and cuddle with know....twist my arm!!

Enjoy the pictures!!

ch1 ch2

Monday, February 02, 2009


Yeah, I know, this post is late.  We celebrated CNY by making won ton soup on Sunday and then going out to a Chinese restaurant on Monday.  Little T wore her Chinese dress and looked beautiful.  We got a weird reaction from the wait staff at this place though.  First we were asked if she was Chinese and when they saw her face they asked where her parents were.  Ok, I understand that question fine but when we told them that WE were her parents they asked how we got her.  We explained where she is from and that we went to China and adopted her.  They once again asked where her parents were and were completely SHOCKED that Little T was in an orphanage.  They said that they had heard of orphanages but never knew that people could adopt from them. They asked if she would go visit her parents (yeah, I'm getting a little ticked now - we.are.her.parents!) and we said if she wanted to go back and visit China we would help her do that.

During the dinner the waitress kept coming over and saying how lucky she was that she is living in the US.  We are so blessed with Little T and feel that we are truly the lucky ones. 

Here is a weeks worth of 365!



Sunday, February 01, 2009

Another 365

I just wanted to put up another 365 - I'm behind on scrapping them but I have been taking pictures everyday. More to come later...


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