Sunday, February 15, 2009

So sweet

I was sitting her this morning reading some blogs and listening to Big T and Little T talk.  He is looking through some receipe books for something or another and she is sitting on his lap doing the same thing.  It does my heart good to see her with him, to see her play with him and go to him!  When they are done looking at their books they go back up to the kitchen, him leading and her following.  He'll do a little skip and she'll try to do the same thing - monkey see monkey do! 

My heart just bursts with the love I feel for my husband.

*side note - T called last night, he fell down the steps at his soon to be in-laws house and broke his arm!


Jonni said...

That's wonderful news about T going to T more. It sounds like they are bonding wonderfully.

So sorry to here that about WV T. Girl you sure do have a lot of Ts around there (lol).



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