Tuesday, February 17, 2009

365 and Some Funnies

I'm still doing the 365 project, I'm just having a hard time getting them set up in a scrapbook page!  Maybe sometime this week I can get caught up.

This morning I brought Little T to pre-school.  The parking lot was rather busy so I said "Ok Little T, lets run!"  She loves to run.  Well, no sooner did I take two steps she's saying no, no.  So I stop and look down and there she is...mooning the whole parking lot!!  Her pants had fallen down to her ankles.  Everyone got a giggle out of that little show.

This afternoon I put her in her bed for nap time.  Big T was home getting some lunch and I was working on the computer.  All of a sudden I hear this little giggle and pitter patter of feet!  Big T came down and said that when he turned the corner to go into the bedroom she was standing in the hall.  When she saw him she giggled, ran back into her room, jumped on her bed and covered herself up.  So cute! 

Update on Tin WVA - he goes to the orthapedic doctor next monday for his arm.  He actually broke the bone right up by his elbow.  Yes, it probably means surgery...ugh!



I just love this picture of her sleeping.  She loves the feel of this blanket that I made for her.  So sweet!!  



Jonni said...

What a beautiful sleeping princess and a great photo you captured. Oh honey, I am so sorry to hear about T breaking his arm. Please send him our good wishes for a speedy recovery. It sounds very painful. We hope that T and little H are doing well.

That's a funny story about little T mooning the parking lot. :) Gotta love that sweet baby.


Cheri said...

What a beautiful picture! I love b&w pictures. LOL about her mooning everybody in the parking lot.


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