Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chewing Update

Little T is chewing!!!  The other day I was getting her pictures taken at Olan Mills and while picking out the poses she got into my purse.  No surprise there.  Anyway, I had some gum in there and when I turned around she had taken some out, opened it up and had it in her mouth.  I started to fuss at her then said (rather loudly) Little T!  You have gum!  You are chewing gum!!!  The poor lady from Olan Mills thought I was crazy. 

How did this happen?  When EI was here they showed me 2 different things to do with her.  One was to rub her gums from the top middle to the back on the right side, then the left side and repeat that on the bottom.  This was to help her become less sensitive to things in her mouth.  Then they asked for her tooth brush and showed me how to put it in her mouth on the side and gently push down.  I did these for a while and it seems to be working!  We are just overjoyed at seeing her chew. 

Her speech therapy appointment is in just a few weeks on September 2nd.  She is starting to jabber a little more and will play and sing to herself.  We think that once she gets going she'll catch up just fine. 

L starts school on the 25th and I've yet to find a daycare for half the day!  The one I want isn't sure they can take her.  I'll find out tomorrow on that.  If not I'll have to put her in the Y or something.  I'm not going to stress about it too much right now.  Next week we go visit T&T up in WVA along with our beautiful granddaughter.  I can't wait to see how much she has grown.  Trust me - there will be a ton of pictures!!

Here's a cute shot of my two youngest walking hand in hand out of the ball game last night.



Mysty and Anthony said...

I am soooo excited that T is chewing. See, Dr's don't know everything..our God is in control and He will do what He wants to do!She is going to do just fine!! And gum huh??? We don't know when we will start that venture!! :)
I have a pic of everyone in my family, from behind, walking with Olivia and holding her hand. I am going to do alot of black and white pics and put them in one frame...I ADORE these kind of pictures. Hey, how are you doing all these cool pics??? I want to steal some ideas from you!! HAHA Great job on updating and pics.

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Love the picture of "L" & "T" and what fab news about her chewing!!! YAY. Also, I know you are going to send me a few of the Olan Mills pics right???? You better! I need pictures of sweet little "T".



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