Friday, August 08, 2008

Regrets and EI Update

I have a few regrets with regards to our trip to China.  One of them is buying things.  I had plenty of money and should have bought more.  My friend and I both feel this way.  What were we thinking??!!  That was a once in a lifetime trip and we were worried about money?? Jeez....

My other regret is not going to the orphanage where Little T spent the first 2 years of her life.  I guess I was being selfish - she was doing so well that I didn't want to chance it.  I should have.  I should have gone, taken pictures, and spoke to her nannies.  I could have learned so much about Little T's first 2 years and I didn't.  I do have some good news, CCAI called me and I asked them if we could get a copy of her birth mother's note that was supposed to have been left.  They will contact our guide in China (Grace) and see what they can do.  I would love to get that and have something to show Little T how much she was loved by her birth parents. 

EI came in on Monday and spent some time with us.  They played with her, gave her blocks to stack, showed her dolls, asked her to feed the dolls, hid things and watched to see if she could find them, put things in containers to see if she could figure out how to open them, etc.  She did awesome!!  God is so good!!  Her gross and fine motor skills are that of a 24-30 month old.  In fact, they were very impressed with how she handled things in her hands and how well she did.  Her vocabulary and chewing is another story though.  She is at 12 months for her vocabulary - which is what we expected.  All she does is make noises which is okay.  She's very smart and has picked up the baby signs I've taught her so the communication is just fine.  She will start speech therapy and some therapy to help her with her chewing in a couple of weeks. 

Quick funny.  The other day after we ate she was running around in just her diaper.  Well, she kept pulling at the front of it, keeping her hands in front of it then bending her little back poking her belly out.  I went and got Big T and had him watch her and he busted out laughing!!  Little T follows me  EVERYWHERE including the bathroom.  It seems that she also followed Big T into the bathroom and was trying to imitate him peeing!!!  OMG - how funny is that??!!  This little girl keeps us on our toes all the time.

Here's a scrap book page I did of daddy kissing her. 




doubledaughterhappy said...

I know why you did not buy more, his name is Logan. :) So glad to read the good updates on Tiana. Tell the whole buch hello. We miss ya'll. When you have a bit, email and let me know what they did for the cardio checkup. We went for an echo but Emelia did not cooperate. :)

doubledaughterhappy said...

Can't type - bunch not buch

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Yeah, that's funny what the person above said about Logan (lol). I am so glad that Tiana did so well with the appt. She is so smart.

I am thrilled to hear that you may be able to get a copy the note. Don't feel too bad about not visiting the orphanage. It may have been very difficult for the both of you. I would be happy to pick up some things for you whenever we get back to China if you would like me to. That LO of Tiana and Daddy is so cute. Too funny, Sofia also follows us to the bathroom. :)


Kudo said...

I hope you can get the note. Annalise had one too and on gottcha day I ask for it and they had it faxed to me. When we went to the Orphanage I asked for the original. The rep from CCAI had to press them for it they said they don't normally give it. The rep said this was the only thing she has and it is her and she should have it and they gave it to me. I hope you can get Ms T's too. Love the Daddy picture!


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