Sunday, July 20, 2008

Water Fun

Baby T loves the water!  When I tell her its bath time she gets all excited and heads to the kitchen!  She gets her baths in the sink for now.  When we go swimming in the pool she becomes a little fish!  She will put her face right in the water and just laugh.  We are teaching her how to swim and she is just soaking it up. 



On another note, before T left for West Virginia he stayed with us for a few days.  Baby T loves Baby H to death and every time she sees her she just wants to touch and hold her.  We decided to see what she would do if we sat her on the couch and put the baby on her lap.  Here are the results!




Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Oh, what sweet pictures I love that baby "T" is holding her niece. She looks so grown up in these photos doesn't she? Such sweetness. Baby "T" and Baby "H" are so cute.


Cheri H said...

Great pictures! Very sweet!


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