Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sneak Preview

So, here's the sneak preview of Little T's costume! 


She looks just adorable in it! 

L is finished with fall ball and starting wrestling.  He didn't really want to wrestle this year but we asked him to give it another year and see what happens.  I think that because he lost so much last year that he doesn't want to get beat again this year. 

Little T is getting into everything now and is climbing up on everything!!  Good gracious - she gets up on the back of the couch and jumps, gets up on the coffee table and spins, stood up in her high chair (eeek!) and even put her leg up on the railing of her crib but put it back down when I caught her!  She'll be out of that crib sooner than not. 

We sent in our money to our homestudy agency (no Jonnie - don't get excited - we are not adopting again!) for our re-adoption.  I emailed them on Monday to see if they received it and they had but today's Wednesday and we haven't heard from the social worker yet.  Grrr......this is the same problem we had with them before.  It's not the agency but the social worker. 

This weekend we are going camping!  I can't wait.  Little T loves it outside so she'll have a great time.  Big T and L are driving up Thursday night and I'll follow with Little T on Friday.  Three wonderful days up at Lake Gaston.  The weather has been in the high 80's here but we will have a serious cool down tomorrow so the weather will be just right!!  I'll take plenty of pictures!


Here are a few that I took this past week.  m1

Above is a picture of a sweet little 2 year old.  She and Little T played, well, she led Little T around!  She is a beautiful little girl.



Here's Teddy watching the cell phone for us!


Little T with her lollipop.


Little T and Big T at the ball game.


Mom!  Are you taking another picture of me?!


Caught ya!  She was digging dirt in the front yard!!


Here's Little T's friend.  Little T is actually 8 months OLDER than she is...


Here's L playing his last game.  He's getting so big.  He's 6 ft 1/2 inches tall now.  The wrestling coach didn't even recognize him! 


Jonni said...

Okay, I can post here now. Thanks. I was just going to tell you I got so excited when I read the post anout the homestudy and then I saw your note, too funny. Don't worry, I know you will convince T yet, ha-ha. Don't tell him I said that, he will think I am a bad influence.


Margaret Miracle said...

Now that costume is adorable!


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