Thursday, October 23, 2008

No Tears?

Ok, so I wanted to put this out there while I was on break at work. Yesterday I had Little T's urine checked (no pee for 5 1/2 hrs??!!) and some blood work done. The pee issue was a concern because she wouldn't pee from 9:30 until she woke up from her nap (dry) at 3:00! When she did I ran it back up to the doctors and her urine check out fine.

We also had her blood drawn for some additonal tests. The doctor called poison control when I told him why we wanted a test done on her pee and they advised him to get a few blood tests done too. Anyway, we went over to the hospital and when the nurse saw who she had to draw blood from she called for backup. Little T sat on my lap while one nurse held her arm and the other nurse probbed for a vein. You'd think that a 2 yr old would cry - no, not Little T! When they stuck the needle in she just looked at it then up at the nurse. No tears, no screams, no nothing! Of course the nurses said what a good girl she was - but I just saw her shut down. Now that I think about it she shut down when the other nurse put a bag on her to catch her pee.

What do you guys think? Should we have her evaluated for some sensory issues? Big T said it really bothered him that she didn't even cry but feels I am being silly about the sensory stuff. But tears when they stick a needle in her little arm?? That doesn't seem right!


Mysty and Anthony said...

Hey, I just wanted to tell you that Olivia didn't make a sound, cry or anything for the first few times that she was at the Dr. and got shots. The first time they went to give her one they brought in 3 people to hold her, and it only took me! She didn't do anything but look at it. Now her vaccines in her legs were a different story and it was about 6 mths things might change! Also, when Olivia gets hurt, she says Ow and runs to me for comfort, but doesn't cry much at all. She closed her fingers in the back side of a door...completely closed and all she did was call MaMa. I went to see why she called me and opened the door...all she did was want me to kiss it! I wondered the same thing you are, but I think they just might have a high tolerance for pain. Just my opinion but there have been MANY times she should've been balling, but just whimpered and went on about her way after loving from me! Hope this makes you feel a little better. I feel like if they atleast show some kind of hurt from anything that they're ok...just VERY strong girls! They survived orphanages...they are AWESOME and STRONG!! :)

Carla said...

I wouldn't think sensory so much as coping mechanism from orphanage.

It's sad what they've been through. {hug}

Jonni said...

Hi hun,

Sorry I have been MIA for so long. I am glad to hear that T's urine test was okay and I don't have a good answer for you about the sensory issues. I assume she is okay but I am not a Dr. Maybe you might want to look into it to be sure. Have you tried googling anything or looking at any sites?



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