Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Weekend Camping

We went camping last weekend and had a great time. We belong to a private campground that has places to go to up and down the east coast. The one nearest us closes for the winter and last weekend was it for them. Yes, it was cold but we kept warm by the fire! There were a ton of activites for everyone to do during the day including a hayride and a haunted house!! There were also a costume contest and pumpkin carving contest.

While we brought the kids to the hayride and haunted house my husband decided to stay and watch the fire. He said some people came into the site and started talking to him. They even went as far as going and sitting by the fire and putting their youngest one in D's stroller. The guy of the group was filling in for the DJ for the evening dance. The family had never been to this campground, was out exploring, and needed a rest. The catch to all this? They were from China! Big T told me about it when we got back and said he is now a believer of signs! He also said that if he ignored that one then God would probably come down here himself and bitch slap him!

Anyway, here are some pictures, enjoy!!



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