Sunday, December 10, 2006

6 months and ACL update

We’ve passed our six month LID anniversary on November 30th. While that is nice milestone we don’t know how much longer the wait will be. Right now CCAA is taking about 2 months to match a month’s worth of referrals. There are 5 more months until our LID and CCAA is on September. So, December would refer the rest of September

If CCAA matches 2 weeks at a time is in the first column and then if CCAA matches a full month is in the second column.

The current trend of referrals has us getting ours in February of 2008. All we can do is pray at this point. Pray that CCAA will speed referrals back up – or at least do more than 2 weeks each month. That would be a 23 month wait. 23 long months!! By then T will be in college and L will be 10th grade!!

Wow….23 months. You know what? That SUCKS!!! It really really SUCKS!!!!

Ok - T's ACL - it ended up being his kneecap.

Your kneecap should sit straight in the socket but both of his are off to the side. When he hurt it during wrestling he pulled his kneecap out of place and then it went back in. Four to six weeks of physical therapy should take care of it. He will have to wear a special brace on both knees for wrestling and baseball to protect them. Huh...this is genetics..sorry T but you got my bad knees!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the six months. We have the same LID, so I totally hear ya on the sucky wait time.

Sorry about T's knee!

Jonni said...

So sorry I missed your 6 month LIDIVERSARY. Hope it was great. Sorry to hear about T's knee.


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