Monday, February 12, 2007

My Mother's Daughter

(It seems I posted this to my "TO DO" blog instead of this one...)

I had to go shopping the other night and decided to go to Wally world even though I despise the place. I left home around 7:00 and spent the next 2 and ½ hours looking around. That’s 2 ½ hours folks!!! What did I come home with? Some deodorant, some material for the quilt, a shoe rack and ….that’s it!!! I didn’t even think about it until I went to lunch this afternoon with my dh and my youngest son who, by the way, just turned 14! We were at B-52’s eating some wings and the conversation went something like this:

Dh: So, what time did you get home last night?
Me: Umm..around 9:30 – you were sleeping.
Dh: Yep, I got tired of waiting.
Me (looking at his face and knowing something is up): What, is there a problem?
Dh: no, no, what did you buy?
Me (becoming more paranoid): Some material, deodorant, and a shoe rack. Why?
Dh (starting to laugh): Oh, nothing. (snort…laugh…snort) And what time did you leave?
Me (becoming irrated): you know what time I left – it was 7:00!

At this point L is starting to laugh and I have absolutely no clue what is so funny.

DH (who is grinning from ear to ear): And you got home at 9:30 and all you bought was some deodorant, fabric, and a shoe rack….
Me (staring at him like a deer in headlights): so?
Dh: And you spent over 2 hours….(L is laughing so hard he is about to fall over)….and all you bought…
Me: OMG!!!! OMG!!!! I’m my mother’s daughter!!!! OMG!!!!

It would drive me crazy when I went shopping with my mom. Even if we went for something simple like milk it would take HOURS because she had to look at everything……


Carla said...

LOL, you definitely are NOT my Mother's daughter! LOL My Mom (and I guess myself) would have come out of there with at least $200 ($100 for every hour spent) worth of things we didn't need.

But, really, Target is my store of weakness these days.

Robin said...

That story is so funny. I hate going to Wally world too and my dh despises it even more than I do but like you, we can find ourselves in there for at least an hour or so when we go for one item. At least you didn't do like Carla posted and spend $100 for each hour there... Ouch!


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