Monday, June 11, 2007

Did you miss me?

So...I haven't been around much lately. I've stopped by everyone's blog, even left a few comments, but I haven't been blogging much myself. I decided to take a small break and try to get my perspective back about the adoption.

I've missed our 11th and ONE YEAR LID anniversary. Since one year really means nothing in the wait for our daughter I couldn't see celebrating it as a milestone. We probably have 2 more years left if truth be told. Do I like that, HELL NO!! But there is nothing I can do about it short of just pulling our dossier from China and let me tell you something folks, that is NOT going to happen!! Oh, we did fill out the medical checklist our agency has and we have been approved to adopt a special needs child. That line is still 6 to 8 months long.

What else has been going on in my neck of the woods? Lets see, T's girlfriend graduated this year, and L graduated from middle school this year. That means that next year and next year only my 2 boys will be going to the same school!! One will be a senior and the other one a freshman!! I think L is excited about going to high school. T is playing Legion ball again this year and L is on a 14-15 team. In fact this week we have a ball game every night.

I think we've actually talked my dad into moving down here!! This will be so good for him. Ever since momma died last November he has been lonely. My wonderful (said with sarcasm dripping off my lips) brother hasn't visited him in freaking months and won't because, and I quote, "Gas is too expensive". He lives around 2 hours away. Ok, whatever. Get a life bro and grow up will ya??!!!!

Anyway, we are looking for a house for him. Keep your fingers crossed!

I have some pictures of T's prom, graduation, concerts, swimming, blowing bubbles, and baseball that I'll put up shortly. Like I said, this week we are out every night and won't be in until 10:30 or later so it probably won't be this week...unless I blog at work!!

Thanks for the notes, both on the blog and by email. You are all sweet. I know we are all in this wait together and that really helps!!


Karen said...

It it about time chick! It is worth the wait! You will see....

Journey to Mia said...

Yes! A post! Finally!

Jonni & John said...

YAY! I am so glad you are back. I was missing you! LOVE the scrapbook pages you did and what great news about your dad. I know what you mean about brothers...I have one who sounds very similar. Take care chicky.



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