Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hi Stranger

A couple of things to talk about. We didn't get a referral from this past list. I'm okay with that. It's hard but God has this in his hands and I have to trust that. Our agency has requested another list so hopefully it will come in March. Will we get our referral then? Who knows - but it is more likely to happen.

Wrestling is finally over. T won conference champion and was one match away from going to states. I truly believe that if he hadn't been hurt at the beginning of the season he would have gone to states. He was disappointed yesterday to say the least. We are so proud of what he accomplished!! To go as far as he did was a testament of his devotion and commitment. Baseball has already started and he has his first scrimage on Monday. No rest for the weary!!

L is also doing baseball but will be on the JV team. He's excited to start in again after his diappointing wrestling season. He just needs to realize that he has to put forth an effort. Things won't come as easily as they did when he was younger.

Work - god, what a mess it is. We are in the middle of a huge conversion from one system to another one. Part of the conversion is combining the hospital and the SOM's data so there is just one medical record for a patient. Great idea - bad plan. The hospital will control the server and be the "gatekeepers" of the data. This means that any changes we want to make, say to add a cpt code or a billing area or even a doctor has to go through their change management crap. Not a good thing because our users are totally spoiled. Plus there will not be any custom programming for the new system which means I am literally working myself right out of a job. The go live isn't until late next year and then we will keep the legacy system up for another year but it's still scary!!

Little T's OGWQ is close to being completed. I've got 4 more rows to quilt and then I'll put the border around it and viola! Its done. Big T can't get over that I've actually done this. I've included a picture of the back material that I choose. The border is a pink chenille that will really set it off. I can't wait to finish it!

Here are some wrestling pictures and a scrapbook page I put together.


Carla said...

sorry you did not get a referral, but I agree, it WILL happen. It goes so slowly waiting for referral. {hug}

Karen said...

Hang in there chick and remember everything happens for a reason. (Yes, I know this, but have a hard time with it myself!) Hope your surgery has gone well. I have been thinking about you all morning! Love you!!!! As soon as the stuff with GE settles down, hopefully Tina and I can get you in!

Michaela said...

I saw your blog on the 2006 LID Yahoo Group and I am sending greetings and good vibes from Orlando, FL.
LID: 05/24/06

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Great scrapbook pages and little T's quilt is looking beautiful. You did such a great job.


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

P.S. I hope little T's referral is in the next batch.



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