Monday, March 31, 2008

Sewing away!

I've sewed a few more little dresses. The green ladybug dress is for our granddaughter and the other one is for Little T. I'm really enjoying this and have started on 2 more dresses similar to the ladybug one. There is a hat and little pants for the ladybug dress. When I showed Big T the material for Little T's he was like "I hate to tell you this but those 2 materials do not go together.". Ha! I showed him! I wanted contrasting materials which is why I picked those two out. That dress cost me a total of $3.00 including the pattern!!

One more picture for you! T turned 18 yesterday!! Good God - where does the time go?? We gave him some cash and some tools for his car and took him to dinner last night. (Family tradition) After dinner he came over and was messing around with L and I was taking pictures. I asked him to smile for me and this is what he did!! Nice huh??!!!



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