Sunday, April 27, 2008


Ok, I'm back from Lombard! I was supposed to have flown out of Chicago Friday night but after 2 flight cancellations I ended up staying and flying out Saturday. I finally got home Saturday afternoon and was completely bushed. My suitcase is still sitting on my bedroom floor waiting to be unpacked!!

I enjoyed meeting my new team and manager. They all seem very nice and welcoming. They have me set up for almost 15 weeks worth of training but I should be able to skim through most of it because I already know the system.

Oh gosh, I'm so ready to burst with my exciting news but I can't yet. This is so hard!!! I really don't know if I can keep this in much here's a quick peek...


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Sorry to hear about your delay. What a pain. I hate flying. Things always manage to get screwed up.

But on to happier things...I bet I know what you are going to say... :)


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