Thursday, October 27, 2005


I got a phone call yesterday from Kathy at CCAI. We have been approved! She emailed me the Orientation letter and fee policy agreement. We need to sign it and have it notarized. Here is the letter:

Dear T & C,

Contgratulations! CCAI is pleased to approve your Application for Adoption and send you the first adoption orientation Packet. This pact includes:
1. Fee Policy/Agreement
2. Two Service Agreements, the I171H, Time Sensitive Document
3. USCIS I-600A Information
4. How are we Doing?

Upon receipt of your signed fee agreement, first fee payment and service agreements, we will provide you with the Adoption Dossier Guide. The copyrighted CCAI Adoption Dossier Guide is a thorough compilation of the information you will need to complete your dossier for China. Our families have had great success completing their dossiers on their own with the help of this guide. Compiling the dossier usually takes 3-5 months and costs on an average of $450. CCAI has a team of dossier specialists who will guide you through the dossier process.

And it goes on to say what needs to be signed and notarized. we go! We will be sending off the I600A tomorrow! I need to call Nathanson Adoption Services to set up our homestudy.

I can't believe this is really happening!!



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