Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's in the mail!!

Well, my dh has finally seen the light and signed the adoption application!! I sent the application to CCAI yesterday and hope to hear from them by Friday or Saturday. I've already ordered a copy of our marriage certificate and have filled out the I-600A. I'll write a check for the fees tonight and get that out tomorrow. The agency sent me a list of home study agencies I can use here and I will be making phone calls today to see which one we want to use.

We are so excited that this is finally happening after almost a year! The boys are excited about meeting their little sister and can't wait to go to China! I started writting this blog to our daughter but have decided to change it to let family and friends know where we are in the paperchase. Our parents know what we are doing but no one else in the family does. I haven't talked to dh yet to see when he wants to announce our plans.

T - your family is coming soon!! We love you!!



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