Friday, September 08, 2006

10 Weird Things about Me

Ok - here you go Karen!!

1. I was walking at the age of 11 months. Not weird, I know, but when my brother was born 6 months later I quit walking and didn't do it again until I was 2 yrs old!
2. When I was little I used to swallow my tongue if I didn't get my way. (I'm still spoiled today!!)
3. I love love love horror flicks!! Give me a dark room, some good buttered popcorn and a scary movie anyday and I'll be very content all day!
4. I adore chocolate - absolutely adore it!
5. I bite my fingernails down to the quick then start chewing off the skin..gross!
6. The only way I'll eat a bologna sandwich is with one piece of bread and one piece of bologna. I take the bread & bologna, fold it over, and smoosh it!
7. Even though it's bad for me I'm addicted to RQ!!
8. Speaking of addictions, I'm also addicted to the Cake & Shake from Cold Stone.
9. When I drive my left foot is tucked under my right thigh - now go figure that one out!!!
10. I grew up in a town where the water runs north.



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