Sunday, July 22, 2007

A few pictures and a Thank You

So we are back. The house in NY is pretty much emptied out. It was hard and a little weird when we pulled out for the last time. We usually honk our horn to say good-bye and DH did again which made me smile. We took Lil'bit (Boston Terrier) to a wonderful lady in Virginia and Carrie and Goldie (Boston Terrier - sisters) went to a family in NY. My parents spoiled those 3 dogs - cooked for them every night. Poor babies were with my dad for over 3 days in that room, but they say that when a dog smells the body they know that the person is gone. All 3 dogs have lost weight and when Lil'bit came into the house for the first time in weeks she looked around for dad. DH was sitting in his old chair and Lil'bit jumped right up on him, looked at him, and jumped right back down.

Thank you guys for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. It means a lot to me knowing that people whom I never met are thinking about me and my family. I'm okay, haven't really "broken down" as DH says. Of course, I haven't done that for momma either. It all happened so fast that I guess I'm still shell shocked. I know that dad is so much happier now that he's with mom.

While back in NY we went to my DH's family reunion. This occurs every 2 years and is a blast. DH's mom is 80 years old and really enjoys seeing everyone get together like this. I have pictures that I'll share.

We borrowed a friends trailer so we could haul back grandma's dining room set. On the way up we blew a tire and lost a fender. might have been cheaper to rent a U-Haul!! Oh well, so it goes. We packed a dining room table, 5 chairs, a buffet, a china closet and a couch table! I also went through all mom's Christmas decorations and lugged home a bunch of it. She loved to decorate for Christmas. I also lugged home over 100 beanie babies to sell so if any of you are collectors let me know and I'll make you a GREAT deal! Yep, she collected those, even the ones from McD's.

I'll go for now and leave you with some pictures.

Beanie Baby Hell!!

My dad was in heaven laughing his ass off at this. He would sit in this chair and all 3 of his Boston's would be with him. Well, KaCee just had to be by her daddy so she jumped up and made herself at home!!

Big T with his brothers youngest son.

This is Big T's niece's daughter. Isn't she just beautiful?!!

L and Big T's brother's youngest daughter. L hit a foul ball off his foot a few weeks back and while he was messing around with the other kids he aggravated it. The ankle swelled up and he was pretty miserable for most of the day. We ended up taken him to the ER on Sunday to see if he actually fractured it 2 weeks ago and finally broke it. It ended up being a deep bone bruise. He is wearing an ankle support and is on crutches.

This is Big T's brother's 2 older kids and K's girlfriend.

Pictures of my grandma's furniture.


a&mg said...

Good to hear from you. It sounds like you are really enjoying the good memories of your dad.

Your grandmother's furniture is beautiful.

Glad you were able to see some family at the reunion.

Take care.

Carla said...

{hug} That furniture is beautiful and holds such special memories for you I can tell.

and No, I do not collect beanie babies! LOL

Jonni & John said...

Thank you for sharing your special thoughts about your father. I know that he and your Mom are looking over you and your family. The reunion looked like so much fun and your grandmother's furniture is absolutely beautiful. I am glad that you got everything home okay.



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