Tuesday, July 31, 2007

14 Months and Other Thoughts

Wow, I missed our 14th month anniversary. Just like I missed the 12th and 13th! ha! No big deal anymore. Just another month in a long line of months!

I'm not sure if I mentioned this or not but we have also turned in a medical checklist to our agency. If a child comes available that matches a need we feel we can handle then our agency will refer her to us. This process takes anywhere from 6 to 8 months. We turned this in on 5/17 so we are all ready 2 months in. Who knows what will happen....

On some of the boards I'm on a discussion is taking place about going to a doctor, ER, dentist, or where ever and being asked for the adoption papers for your child. I asked my dh about what he would do and he of course says "It won't happen here..." Well, just because we live in a little town doesn't mean it won't happen! Some people are saying its racism because the doctor wouldn't ask to see the papers for a child that has your same color/eyes/hair. Some people are saying that the doctors are trying to protect our children and want to verify that the child IS ours and not some child we abducted. If we are questioned I'm not sure how I'll react. The insurance card should be enough "proof" that the child is mine. They could even call the insurance company and verify the child is covered. I think if they do all that and STILL need proof that I would need to talk to the office manager and then to the doctor directly. A lot of times the doctor doesn't know what is happening in the front office. Sometimes the front office people take the rules of HIPAA way out of context. If they still want me to produce the adoption paperwork after I talk with the office manager and doctor then I will probably find a new one. Protecting our children is one thing but getting into my daughters private business is another!

So, what would you guys do?

Oh - one more thing. I'm noticing that when I pull up my blog my computer is freezing. Are any of you guys experiencing this?

Well it's getting late and the morning comes way too fast. Here's H and D saying it's nite nite time!


a&mg said...

I don't know that I'd consider it racist, but I do think it's a bit extreme. They can certainly call the insurance company to verify that information, which should be plenty.

Happy 14 also--I forgot about ours at first, too!

Jonni & John said...

Happy 14 mos. That's great news about you considering SN. I hope that your baby is on the an upcoming list. I think that if they did not believe the insurance card and wanted further proof, I would be upset although I can't imagine this is happening a lot.


Jonni & John said...
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Carla said...

I would be upset if they pursued it past initial. Of course I will be able to show them myriad photos of Katie with our family from various days...perhaps that would work? I'm non-confrontational for the most part so I doubt I would cause a big stink, unless Katie was upset by it later in life.

BTW, we waited for 10.5 months on our agency's SN list before being matched. I think it's awesome you are considering that as well!


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