Friday, August 03, 2007

Out of Review

Oh wow!! I can't believe I completely forgot to say congrats to my fellow May LID'ers! We are out of review!!!! Yeah!!! That means that China has looked at our dossier and said yes, we can adopt from their country. Yesterday the referral calls were being made. China referred through November 21st. Over at RQ they are predicting that the December LID'ers will be the first group to hit the 2 year wait. I tend to agree with that. I also think that if we don't receive a SN referral we'll see our little girl by December of 2008. That will be a wait of 31 months - almost 3 years.

3 years....nope - not gonna accept that. I just can't see China letting that happen. Plus with people going over to SN or adopting from another country or just plain dropping out the time line should pick up a little.


Carla said...

I highly doubt that it gets to 3 years. I know attrition is occurring, and I know that many are going SN as well. {hug}

Jonni & John said...

Congrats on being out of review! Isn't that great??? Let's hope things speed up soon. I hope that your sweet baby girl is on the next SN list.



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