Monday, January 26, 2009


  Here's another installment of my 365 project.  I'm enjoying doing this so far but it's only the 2nd week so we'll see how I feel a few months from now.



Last week we got snow here in NC - about 3.5 inches!!  The whole eastern part of the state shut down.  L had exams the previous week so he only went to school 1 day and last week he went to school on Friday only!!  Today was our first day back to our regular schedule in 2 weeks.  Good grief!  Little T was a bit apprehensive at first but soon had a blast playing in it.

t1 tsnow1


Here's a picture of our street.  This is at the beginning of the "Great Snow Blizzard of 2009".


I talked with T up in WVA today.  They have tentatively set a wedding date of July 23.  Yes, that's a Thursday but its the only date available for the place they want to get married at.  We are so excited for him!!!  As the plans become more concrete I'll let you know.  Oh, and of course Little T is going to be the flower girl.  We are hoping that Baby H will be walking by then so they can both walk down the aisle together or as T put it...Little T can drag Baby H down the aisle!  


doubledaughterhappy said...

Your 365 project is great. I would never make it. Just looking at the snow photos makes me shiver. Little T looks like she had a blast.

redmaryjanes said...

Thank you so much for your comment this morning. You have a lovely blog here and your children are just beautiful :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

She'll be an adorable flower girl!

FinsUp said...

Go ahead... rub it in! NC gets snow, VA gets nada. Big sigh. I'm glad your daguhter enjoyed it.

Jonni said...

So glad you guys had fun in the snow and the picture of little T catching the snowflakes with her tongue is great. I am really enjoying your LOs.



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