Monday, January 19, 2009

Project 365

I decided to do the 365 project.  Well, I decided it a few weeks late so I guess I can call it the 351 project instead?  Anyway, here is the first layout I did for week 1 which is really week 3. 

w1for 365J11to17

This past weekend I invited myself down to my friends house in South Carolina.  Little T and I packed up and left Friday around 5 and didn't get back until Sunday night.  We had a great time with her and her two cutie patootie boys.  I got so tickled at those 2 boys and their antics.  It reminded me of my boys when they were that young.  Her youngest is full of himself and if he knows he has an audience look out!  Her oldest is the same way - so she has her hands full.  Ha - we were driving around in her car and all of a sudden her youngest yelled out "HOT DAMN!"  OMG - I busted out laughing.  Keep in mind he'll only be 3 in a few weeks.  What a little stinker!  Her oldest, C, was so sweet with Little T.  We went to McD's for lunch and after they ate he took her little hand and helped her in the play area.  It was so sweet.  K pointed out to me that Little T has come a long way.  When she first met her Little T wouldn't go play in the play area, she just stood there and watched.  Now, she'll go right in and play!

Potty training update:  I was going to go buy some panties for Little T so that on Saturday we could have a day of one-on-one training.  Since I invited myself down to SC this didn't happen.  Today when Big T came home from picking up her at daycare he said that they need a change of clothes and some panties.  I said you mean diapers and he said no - panties.  Apparently at daycare she doesn't want to wear her diaper!  And they said she does very good so tonight I went out and found the smallest panties I could find!!  I'm so excited!  We tried them on her and they are a bit big but they will have to do. 

I don't think I've given an update about T's stitches and his lump.  It came back as just fatty tissue.  The stitches ended up getting infected because he waited too long to get them out (you dummy!!).  He's fine now, stitch free.


I'll post some more pics of the weekend in a couple of days. 


Anne said...

Great news about the potty training. I like your Project 365 layout. I've been considering starting late, too... but not sure I'm really up for that challenge!

Karen said...

hahaa -you know you are welcome anytime down here! Ian and his Hot Damn are really getting on my nerves! I am sending him to your house...potty mouth and all!

Jonni said...

I am so gald tyo hear that everything is okaywith "T". I was concerned and that is some fantastic news. Boys will be boys with waiting to go to the doctor's office (lol).

i am so excited about your new project. So you will do a scrapbook LO every day? Wow, you are good. Wish I could get on board with that, but unfortunately I would fail miserably. Cute LO of "T" and how cute bout her tiny itty bitty panties. I don't know about you, but I just LOVE having a little stringpole daughter, makes me feel skinnier (ha-ha).

♥ ya chick,

Jonni said...

Please excuse the typos above. I really should proofread.


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