Monday, July 31, 2006

Adopted Son

I bet you didn't know we had an adopted son!! Yep, that's right, we do! But not in the normal sense you are thinking of. R is a young man that grew up across the street from us. His mom is a good friend of mine and he started coming over to play with our boys. His dad is somewhere...anyway, he really took to my husband and there it started. He looks to him for help, encouragement, and laughter! R sends my husband father's day cards and birthday cards.

So why bring this up? Well he is visiting with us for a week!! He is now 20 and living on his own up in Indiana. We took him to the beach this past weekend, I'll post pictures later. What a blast we had. T and I forgot our bag of clothes at home so I had to go shopping for some shorts and tops. Oh..poor, poor me. I know you feel sorry for me!! We are really enjoying his stay with us. Thanks R for coming to visit!!

Before I go I gotta tell you about KaCee, our 3 yr old black lab. She has never been to the ocean before. She loves the lake so we thought she would enjoy the ocean, and she did. A little bit TOO much!! I noticed her "squatting" in the water and I totally freaked out. DH just laughed, called her over to him, and proceeded to give me the leash. I walked up on shore and turned to see her literally spraying water and poop out her butt!! Yes, she drank the water and it messed her up big time!! Gross!!!!! What do I do with her? Here she is wagging her tail, wanting to go back in the water and with every wag she does out comes more!! I decided to take her back to the condo we were using. I tied her up in the kitchen to the oven door and went shopping. When I got back dh told me that he found KaCee in the kitchen with the oven door torn off!! Poor puppy...poor us....thank goodness the spraying bit was over before we got back to the condo!!


Carla said...

Oh MY! Poor you and Poor Kacee. So, did you get the oven door fixed? and most of all, did you end up having fun at the Ocean?


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