Monday, September 24, 2007


Lets see, what's been happening around our world? The boys are very busy. School started about 3 weeks ago and is in full swing. L has already brought home his first progress report - the kid is doing awesome!! All A's - a complete turn-a-round from last year. We are so proud of him. T is also getting all A's as usual. He still hasn't made a decision about college though. He wants to be a pediatrican but where to go to school is still up in the air.

The boys have also been doing sports - baseball and wrestling. They practice baseball on Tuesdays and Thursdays and wrestle on Monday's and Wednesdays. T is on a fall ball team and has double headers on Sundays for the next month. Soon wrestling matches will be gearing up and we'll be sitting in hot smelly gyms - oh the joy of it!!

On the adoption front - no news. Our agency received a new list of about 30 kids a few weeks ago. We won't see little T on this list but we are hoping the next one (November/December) we will. All we can do is wait and pray.

Pictures will be coming soon!



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