Friday, September 28, 2007

Head in the Sand

No, not me!! I realize that our referral is a ways away and I'm okay with that (today). This is a friend who adopted his daughter a 2 years ago and is waiting for for his second one. His LID is August of 2006. He thinks that he will get his referral in May of 2008. MAY OF 2008!!! When I told him that my LID was May of 2006 and I wasn't expecting a referral until December of 2008 he just said I was crazy. When I told him that they have only referred up to November 25 of 2005 he said he knew that and by his calculations he should have a referral by May 2008. I sure would like to know what calculations he's using because I sure wish China would use them!! I mentioned that I could print up some statistics for him and he said no, don't, he doesn't want to see them. He's happy where he's at right now. That's all fine and well but why try to fool yourself? He's only setting him, his wife, and his daughter up for a huge disappointment. I just don't get it.

And what's up with this mystery agency getting referrals for February LID's?? This really makes me mad!! No, this pisses me off! So...who is this agency and can I sign up with them??


Special K said...

Ditto to everything you just said.

I think it's bad to still be so delusional this far into the wait. We all had it for awhile I think. Wanting to believe we'd get a referral sooner. But by now we should all be more aware of what's realistic. His family will be in for a disappointment. That's too bad.

Kudo said...

Ignorance Is Bliss...

and for those Feb referrals I’m just glad there are a few more out of our way. Lets hope they figure it out before they jump over June then I will be really mad. Shame on that agency.


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