Monday, December 31, 2007

19 Months and Grandparents??

We hit the 19 month mark yesterday. The latest rumor is that China will refer to the 19 of December 05. That will be just 5 days. And that means they have only referred from somewhere towards the end of September to December 19, maybe 3 1/2 months for the ENTIRE YEAR!!

So, are you ready for our news? I think the title gave it away but we are going to be grandparents!! Wow - its weird writing that. Grandparents. T's girlfriend is 5 months along and is due in May. She is having a little girl. Shocked? We were!! Shocked and disappointed. I think we have accepted it, what choice do we have. He still plans to go to college up in West Virginia and she does to. He can do it but it will just be a bit harder. We went to Big T's brothers house yesterday for our family Christmas and she went with us. Everyone could tell and asked me if she was pregnant. Then the jokes started. Poor T!! His uncles and cousins teased the hell out of him but he just smiled and joked right back. We should have warned his girlfriend about how they are but I think she was okay with the teasing and joking. At one point Big T's oldest brother handed T a full coverage chemical suit and told him he should wear that for now on!! Imagine the jokes getting worse from there. Too funny.

New Years Eve - what are you guys doing? I think we are going over to a friends house and party with them. Or maybe we'll stay home? Who knows, we are still up in the air for our plans...


Carla said...

awww, congratulations Grandma! :)

I can not believe the news on the referrals for this month. Just shocked.

Jonni, John & Sofia said...

Oh honey, I am sorry I have not been by in a while. What news! Congratulations grandma and grandpa. I know that this must be hard, but I know that you are going to make the best out of it and that is wonderful that T has still decided to go to college. She is going to be a gorgeous granddaughter. You are in my thoughts.



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