Monday, January 14, 2008

New List!!!

Yes! Our agency got their new list on Friday! I'm so excited - this could be the list that Little T is on!! Wow....this actually will happen this year - that is so hard to believe. After waiting for over 19 months and to be so close to our referral, man, I'm jumping up and down!!! Please, please, please let our daughter be on this list!! Everyone, keep your fingers and toes crossed!!!

I swear, I can't concentrate on anything!!!


Jonni, John & Sofia said...

I have everything crossed right now. Please let us know as soon as you do and GOOD LUCK, we hope she's on the list!!!


Michelle said...

I just got your blog link through the CCAI WC group and wanted to say "hi". I will keep my fingers crossed for you and this list. You have a beautiful family!!

Debz said...

I hope your dreams come true soon!
I'm feeling your possitive energy!

Carla said...

OH I hope she is on that list!!!

Carla said...

It's been a week...have you heard anything...when are they going to make calls? when will you know? If I'm this antsy, HOW are you holding up?!!!



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