Friday, January 25, 2008

Sock Hell and Other Juicy Tidbits

Ok, I'll admit it! I can't stand folding socks!! I hate it! Because of this we have what they boys have nicknamed "Sock Hell". What is it? Its a laundry basket filled with unmatched socks that they must go through each morning. Do you think they would take the initiative to fold them? Hell No! They are boys and teenaged boys on top of that!

I have been totally freaking out the past few weeks. Our fingerprints expired last year and we went and had them taken again in November. I was told that here in our state we have up to one year to get USCIS an updated home study. Cool...or so I thought. At the beginning of this month we received a letter from Homeland Security stating that effective January 3 you must now send in a home study update within 30 days of your fingerprint appointment. Oh shit!! They gave me until February 7th to get them an update. I have to get physicals lined up, new letters of reference, a social worker - total panic mode. This cost us an extra $250 bucks to boot because we have to expedite our home study. Good grief!!

The boys are doing great. Wrestling is starting to wind down. Last weekend they were at a team tournament. T went 4 and 0 and L went 0 and 4. Poor kid, he's so frustrated. He'll do fine, he's just in a very difficult weight class!! Big T is great as usual. This wait hasn't gotten to him at all except for the fact that he says he is getting older!! Ummm....aren't we all???!!!!

Lets see, other than that not much else has been happening. Oh - I ended up cutting my hair earlier than what I originally thought. I've been growing it for Locks of Love, an organization that makes wigs for children suffering from long-term medical hair loss. I was going to wait until we got Little T's referral but it got to the point where I couldn't stand it so I cut it all off!! I think J measured it to be 14 inches in the back. She cut it into a cute style. I've never had my hair this short so its a very big change for me. Poor J, she told me after I left her house she had to take a Zantec before bed because she realized she had cut most of my hair off!! She thought I was going to hate it - but hey - it's just hair!! Actually - I like the cut.

No news on a referral yet. I know my agency is still going through the files and having some translated. It's still a slight possibility we'll hear something from this batch but it will probably be the next one.


Carla said...

Oh my, I know this has got to be the longest few weeks of your wait yet!

I love the new haircut, looks really good on you. :)

Michelle said...

The wait is so hard, isn't it? And I know what a hassle immigration is...ugh! How neat that you grew your hair for locks of love!!


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